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Punk Memorabilia Auction at Christie's 
An auction at Christie's in New York usually wouldn't get me excited a great deal, interested in Art History as I may be. But Sale 2063 not only sounds like a great name for a mystery novel, it could nowadays also be the title of a dusty piece of legendary 12" vinyl. Given the simple sub-title "Punk/Rock", Christie's is putting together a pretty insane collection of items up for auction.

My most favorite item is Lot 336, the original artwork for Beastie Boys' Licensed to Ill LP-Cover by David I Gambale (I think now I know why there's an "I" in the BB-Diamond!!). I am seriously in awe, the mere possibility that this unique thing could be baught for money and placed above a mantle-piece is just stealing my breath. Estimate $20,000 to $30,000 Dollars. I somehow doubt this will be pinned onto the wall of some squat in Bristol.

Also of note is this British newspaper poster (Lot 72, below), while in fact, for an estimated 1,500 bucks you get 2 more posters, that are equally important and historic, if not more so. GROUCHO MARX DIES and ELVIS LIES IN STATE. Don't tell me you think of these headlines as boring.

There are items in there that you might expect, things by Raymond Pettibon, Blondie and DEVO, but there's also newer, more recent artists involved, like a set of skateboards designed by Frank Kozik (Lot 126) and toys by KAWS. The latter is something I usually wouldn't consider punk nor rock.

But then again, it is a varied auction, and it makes a point at starting right at the roots of punk, with handbills and other memorabilia for Johnny Cash, Billie Holiday, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. Wait, Jimi Hendrix? Zappa? Captain Beefheart? The Monkees, MC5 and Van Halen? Nirvana and Cindy Sherman? I think we've come full circle.

There's also a couple of pretty tedious things, but come on, 4 Hardcore T-Shirts that include Bad Brains and a Dead Kennedys Tour T-Shirt ("Mowing Down Australia '83"), a bargain at an estimated $700. Anyone want to pitch in?

kultplay.hu reports about Krach the Robot 

Even Comic Books Are Weighing In On Presidential Campaign 
DC is wrapping a series called "DC Universe Decisions." It could lead readers to believe that the heroes might pick a side, but the truth is more subtle. The heroes pick sides in a tight presidential race, but the candidates are fictitious. Of course, a little reading between the lines might reveal the character's true feelings.


Cloning dogs for love and profit 
"They're clones," Lou Hawthorne replies. The woman smiles as if Hawthorne's joking, but he's telling the truth; all three puppies were created at a commercial animal laboratory in Korea using tissue collected in the late 1990s from Missy, a beloved mixed breed that belonged to Hawthorne's mother and died in 2002. Part collie, part husky, part who-knowswhat, these rambunctious mutts are the most expensive pets on the planet, the end result of a 10-year project that has cost approximately $25 million. In May 2008, Hawthorne announced that his biotech firm, BioArts International, plans to offer five pet owners a chance to genetically Xerox their canine companions. Aspiring clone owners would participate in a series of online auctions, and the bidding would start at $100,000.

Hexapodmeisterschaft, A Dancing Decapitated Head Robot 

A group of Austrian high school kids built this dancing decaptiated robot head. Yeah!

The Final Countdown on KazooKeylele 

God Hates Signs 

My friend Mike crashed the GodHatesFags protest, I documented.

The McCain Family Newsletter proudly endorses Barack Obama for president 
The latest Republican to jump ship? The McCain family itself.

Krach the Robot: First album, free! 
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Krach the Roboter enjoys cooking and Sudoku. And making music, of course! Download its first mini-album for free!

Link / album

Profession: "Victim" 

Profession: "Victim"
Originally uploaded by schroettner
Oh man. I never read trashy newspapers because I just can't handle it, even if it means that I miss out on gems like this one. Thankfully my friend Werner blogs stuff like this.

The anatomy of the first video game 
"Tennis for Two" created in 1958, was a science experiment.

Image: William Higinbotham's "Tennis for Two" was played on a 5-inch oscilloscope screen at the 1958 Visitors Day Instrumentation Division exhibit.


American Dream a Biological Impossibility, Neuroscientist Says 
What if people are biologically unsuited for the American dream? The man posing that troubling question isn't just another lefty activist.

It's Peter Whybrow, head of the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Behavior at UCLA.

"We've been taught, especially in America, that happiness will be at the end of some sort of material road, where we have lots and lots of things that we want," said Whybrow, a 2008 PopTech Fellow and author of American Mania: When More Is Not Enough. "We've set up all sorts of tricks to delude ourselves into thinking that it's fine to get what you want immediately."

Why humans are so quick to take offense, and what that means for the presidential campaign 
Study the topic of "taking offense" and you realize people are like tuning forks, ready to vibrate with indignation. So why do humans seem equipped with a thrumming tabulator, incessantly calculating whether we are getting proper due and deference?

Memoirs Of A Qubit: Hybrid Memory Solves Key Problem For Quantum Computing 
An international team of scientists has performed the ultimate miniaturisation of computer memory: storing information inside the nucleus of an atom. This breakthrough is a key step in bringing to life a quantum computer - a device based on the fundamental theory of quantum mechanics which could crack problems unsolvable by current technology.

When did the Earth turn green? 
Photosynthesis was thought to have evolved by 2.7 billion years ago – but it seems the original evidence was contaminated.

The ekonomics of Fantasyland 
In reality the US is not now a capitalist nation, at least not in the classical sense of the word capitalism. Since the time of Reagan (and perhaps nascent since WWII), the US has become a military-socialist nation, or as some call it to point out how this variant of socialism is mechanized, a military-Keynesian nation.

"Kiki and Bubu and The Shift" @ Simultan 04 Festival 
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"Kiki and Bubu and The Shift" will be shown at the Simultan 04 Festival in Timisoara, Romania (October 23-25, 2008).

Hey Man. I do not condone drinking or hating your girlfriend. 

...but it does have a ring to it, doesn't it?

I found this on Ricky Adams' website, an incredibly good photographer from Belfast. I like his vibe, he doesn't crop or alter his images in any way, so it's quite in the vein of Glen E Friedman and Pat Graham, so it's right up my alley.

His gallery on Leeds is amazing.


Viennese Zombie Brood: Pictures? 
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October 18, 2008! First pictures!

But we will continue updating our collection...

Arse Elektronika Anthology "pr0nnovation?" on Amazon Europe 
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You can now order our Arse Elektronika Anthology "pr0nnovation?" via Amazon Europe.

Mark Dery blogs about "pr0nnovation?" 
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Pr0nnovation? Pornography and Technological Innovation, an anthology of lectures from the first Arse Elektronika conference (which I keynoted, in San Francisco, in September 2007), published by the legendary underground press Re/Search in conjunction with conference organizers Monochrom, an "art-tech-philosophy collective" based in Austria.

Link / Mark Dery's blog

monochrom at 1st CCAlps Salon 
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monochrom will be part of the first CCAlps Salon (Creative Commons Alps Salon) on October 23, 2008, 7:30 PM @ netculture space, Museumsquartier, Vienna.

John Cleese about the US Presidential Election 2008 

Jonathan Mann Explains Financial Crisis 

LHC Cocktails 
CERN has delayed their particle collision tests a bit, but we are still collecting LHC themed recipes. What better way to spend your last night on earth before the LHC rips a hole in space-time?
"THE LAST ROMANCE" DESCRIPTION The relationship starts off sweet and pleasant. But sweetness gives way to underlying desperation and torment. It leaves you hurt and fucked up. Good thing the world is ending. INSTRUCTIONS Pour 750 mL John Jameson Irish Whiskey into a larger glass jar that can be sealed. Add one can of peaches, juice and all. Take 6 Habanero peppers, slice them once, three quarters of their length starting at the tip and add them to the mix. Close the jar and allow the mixture to sit for 24 hours in a cool dark place. Remove the peppers and plums. Place an unused coffee filter in a siphon and use that to pour the liquid back into the Jameson bottle; be careful not to overfill. Serve the remaining liquid over ice (as cold as the scourge's heart) and reminisce about lost love as you watch the end of the world.
If you have an LHC recipe to share email dfine -at- monochrom.at

Reminder: Viennese Zombie Brood 

International Year Of Polytheism: In Amstetten 
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A concept on tour!

The International Year of Polytheism will be guest in Amstetten, Lower Austria. We will present an "evening for polytheism".

Thursday, October 16 2008: 8 PM @ Cafe Kuckuck, Amstetten.

Frank Rich: "The Terrorist Barack Hussein Obama" 
Frank Rich's excellent column about "fear".
All's fair in politics. John McCain and Sarah Palin have every right to bring up William Ayers, even if his connection to Obama is minor, even if Ayers's Weather Underground history dates back to Obama's childhood, even if establishment Republicans and Democrats alike have collaborated with the present-day Ayers in educational reform. But it's not just the old Joe McCarthyesque guilt-by-association game, however spurious, that's going on here. Don't for an instant believe the many mindlessly "even-handed" journalists who keep saying that the McCain campaign's use of Ayers is the moral or political equivalent of the Obama campaign's hammering on Charles Keating.

What makes them different, and what has pumped up the Weimar-like rage at McCain-Palin rallies, is the violent escalation in rhetoric, especially (though not exclusively) by Palin. Obama "launched his political career in the living room of a domestic terrorist." He is "palling around with terrorists" (note the plural noun). Obama is "not a man who sees America the way you and I see America." Wielding a wildly out-of-context Obama quote, Palin slurs him as an enemy of American troops.

By the time McCain asks the crowd "Who is the real Barack Obama?" it's no surprise that someone cries out "Terrorist!" The rhetorical conflation of Obama with terrorism is complete. It is stoked further by the repeated invocation of Obama's middle name by surrogates introducing McCain and Palin at these rallies. This sleight of hand at once synchronizes with the poisonous Obama-is-a-Muslim e-mail blasts and shifts the brand of terrorism from Ayers's Vietnam-era variety to the radical Islamic threats of today.

That's a far cry from simply accusing Obama of being a guilty-by-association radical leftist. Obama is being branded as a potential killer and an accessory to past attempts at murder. "Barack Obama's friend tried to kill my family" was how a McCain press release last week packaged the remembrance of a Weather Underground incident from 1970 — when Obama was 8.

We all know what punishment fits the crime of murder, or even potential murder, if the security of post-9/11 America is at stake. We all know how self-appointed "patriotic" martyrs always justify taking the law into their own hands.

Obama can hardly be held accountable for Ayers's behavior 40 years ago, but at least McCain and Palin can try to take some responsibility for the behavior of their own supporters in 2008. What's troubling here is not only the candidates' loose inflammatory talk but also their refusal to step in promptly and strongly when someone responds to it with bloodthirsty threats in a crowded arena. Joe Biden had it exactly right when he expressed concern last week that "a leading American politician who might be vice president of the United States would not just stop midsentence and turn and condemn that." To stay silent is to pour gas on the fires.

Google refuses to put monochrom Google Talk on YouTube 
monochrom content info
As you know I was invited to give a Google Talk at the Google Campus in Mountain View -- and in fact I did a 45 minute lecture performance on July 15. I decided to talk about "Context Hacking: Some Examples of How to Mess with Art, the Media System, Law and the Market" (a talk I already presented at ETech 2008 and various other cons) and it went really well. It got great feedback from attending folks.

Well, I waited for the talk to appear on Google's YouTube stream. And waited. And waited. People actually sent me emails and asked me if I faked the Google Talk. Faking a Google Talk? Oh my, no.

What could be taking them so long?

I asked a friend at Google and it seems a director in the Global Communications and Public Affairs office does not think the content of my talk is appropriate for uploading to YouTube. Quote: "Given the level of profanity, sexual content, and shocking images in it, I do not think it is appropriate for the Google Tech Talks channel on YouTube."

Oh wow.

I guess I briefly mentioned our conference Arse Elektronika, our international conference dealing with sex and technology. Well yes: that's uuhmm kinda "sexual". But what's the shocking images? Maybe Toetse? And what about the profanity? Using the terminus "fuckin'"? Or was it to profane to mention that the Google Campus architecture looks like a neoliberal version of Logan's Run? Or the fence thing?

The irony: part of my talk is dealing with the hard struggle to subvert and provoke in an societal late capitalist environment that actually wants you to be subversive and provocative. Maybe I proved myself semi-wrong...

Anyways... if you want to see the video I suggest to send Google's Global Communications and Public Affairs office an email and ask for a CD. Or better yet, send a handwritten letter with your return address (snail mail freaks techies out) to: Google, Global Communications and Public Affairs, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View.


Sarah Palin: When Politics Go “Aawww!” 
Over at the always enjoyable Posthuman Marxist blog, Bonni Rambatan writes on the phenomenon that is vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin:
For us Lacanians, the real problem is of course how this Palin political structure is possible at all. Slavoj Žižek has often mentions that the real question of Palin is how she becomes the first truly feminine character to enter the political sphere — were Hillary Clinton, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, etc. not in fact strong, masculine leaders in a female body? It is Palin that is the first to truly mock the phallocentrism of politics — mocking not only the dominance of men but also the masculinity of the field of politics itself. It is here that the Democrats failed and let the Republicans play left. I would even go as far to claim that the Palin phenomenon is an insult to the much-celebrated rise of Obama and Hillary: not only that African-Americans and women can now run for president, but even a totally inexperienced ex-beauty pageant can now run for vice president! Perhaps it is not us getting more open and tolerant; perhaps it is only the US politics that are polished to look as if that is what is happening by the Democrats… Palin just manifested such paranoia in a single blow.
 Discussing Palin is a lose-lose situation for the left from another point of view as well: Not only did a large part of criticism from Obama supporters come in the form of anti-progressive and anti-feminist stereotypes, critizing her almost inevitably leads to playing the game of the society of the spectacle. It's not about politics being driven by interests, it's discussing an Internet meme. LOL, pwned.


San Francisco Chronicle about Arse Elektronika: "Why Machine Sex?" 
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Violet Blue (San Francisco Chronicle) goes deep undercover to find out why women like to have sex with machines, and why people pay good money to watch.
As this year's international sex and technology conference Arse Elektronika 2008 hit its stride last Saturday -- that's Folsom Street Fair eve here in San Francisco – I found myself on a panel discussing "The Erotic of the Machine" with six men and a sizable audience. The men were an assembly of artists from the Bay Area and Seattle to Austria and France, along with a sex machine maker, a sex machine pornographer and a spokesperson from San Francisco's Kink.com, where the most famous sex machine site hails from. (That's F-ing Machines.com, also here in San Francisco.)

The Cracked Ambience: new and recommended sounds for your personal space 

monochrom & Laughing Squid Drinkup at Lucky 13 
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Join monochrom and Laughing Squid for drinks at Lucky 13 in San Francisco tomorrow, Wednesday, October 1st at 8pm. It's your last chance to hang out with the monochrom crew before we head back to Vienna (via Jamaica).


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