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The Trinity: 16x20 Art Print on Paper. Concept Art by Chad Michael Ward.

Twilight Come The Flesh Eaters: Fleshbot recommendation: >We couldn't think of a better gay smut movie to watch over Halloween weekend than Vidkid Timo's award-winning 1998 hardcore-horror classic "At Twilight Come The Flesh Eaters", a wildly creative romp involving graveyard blowjobs, sex-crazed zombies, and more fiendish frolics than you can shake a stake at. (Best line: "He's eating me while he's fucking me!") Don't let all that blood, gore, and hot cannibal action upset you, though. We have it on very good authority that no actual flesh was consumed in the making of this film.<

Super-tough coating for cellphones and discs: Quote: "The colour LCD screens on cellphones and PDAs can get badly scratched in pockets stuffed with loose change and keys. And CDs and DVDs become unplayable in no time when children use them as indoor frisbees. Now a tough, transparent polymer coating developed by chemists in Japan is set to make scratched phone screens and scuffed discs a thing of the past."

Zheng He in the Americas and Other Unlikely Tales of Exploration and Discovery

Alien vs. Predator is a metaphor for the inevitably horrifying outcome of the 2004 U.S. presidential election as seen from the perspective of writer/director Paul W. S. Anderson’s native Europe. The tagline tells it all: Whoever wins ... we lose.

Tidal wave threat 'over-hyped': The risk of a landslide in the Canary Islands causing a tidal wave (tsunami) able to devastate America's east coast is vastly overstated.

LED toilet seat Galactika: Quote: "The transparent toilet seat GALACTIKA is equipped with tiny ultra bright Chip-LED in 5 cols.: pole-white, sundance-yellow, scarlet-red, amparo-blue and emerald-green. The energy is supplied by 4 pcs. AA 1,5V batteries, that you find in an inconspicuous batterycase taped with a velcro at the backside of the closet or at the wall under the cistern. The real clou of the luminous toilet seat is the very tricky elektronic processor. When opening the cover the LED light will be dimmed on slowly and kindle their full power after 5 seconds. When closing the cover the LED light will be dimmed off gently. If you leave the cover open the integrated processor interrupts the powersupply after half an hour. One battery filling is good enough for one month run (depending on frequency (c:)." (via Science and Crap)

Cassini's Radar Shows Titan's Young Active Surface: The first radar images of Saturn's moon Titan show a very complex geological surface that may be relatively young.

Adventure Capitalism: Article by Greg Palast. Intro: >In February 2003, a month before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, a 101-page document came my way from somewhere within the U.S. State Department. Titled pleasantly, "Moving the Iraqi Economy from Recovery to Growth," it was part of a larger under-wraps program called "The Iraq Strategy." The Economy Plan goes boldly where no invasion plan has gone before: the complete rewrite, it says, of a conquered state's "policies, laws and regulations." Here's what you'll find in the Plan: A highly detailed program, begun years before the tanks rolled, for imposing a new regime of low taxes on big business, and quick sales of Iraq's banks and bridges-in fact, "ALL state enterprises"-to foreign operators. There's more in the Plan, part of which became public when the State Department hired consulting firm to track the progress of the Iraq makeover. Example: This is likely history's first military assault plan appended to a program for toughening the target nation's copyright laws.<

God On Trail: The Strange Universe of the Homosexual Christian: Article by David Rand. Intro: "The unequivocal condemnation of homosexuality is a well-known and documented aspect of Christian tradition and history. This tradition is in turn rooted in the Judaism out of which Christianity grew. The Bible contains several explicit condemnations of homosexuality. Although historically, Islamic societies sometimes displayed a more tolerant attitude towards homosexuality than did Christians and Jews, Islamic doctrine also contains such condemnations, which are in turn confirmed by actual practice (an extreme recent example being the period of Taliban control of Afghanistan). Leaders and spokesmen of the three major monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) have made and continue to make pronouncements that leave little room for doubt. A few more liberal churches have begun to soften their attitude and even, in some cases, to recognize same-sex couples and to endorse gay/lesbian rights and gay marriage. However, they remain largely marginal to the anti-gay Christian mainstream. Given this history, it is perhaps surprising that over recent decades, a certain number of Christian organizations have arisen within the gay and lesbian communities, the most well known being the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC)."

The Road to Reality: A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe: Nigel Sanitt reviews Roger Penroses book. Intro: >"What laws govern our Universe?" is the opening question of Penrose’s magisterial and encyclopaedic account of the present state of Mathematics and Physics as applied to understanding the Universe and the laws that govern it. The question is not, of course, answered in this book any more than it has been answered at any time over the last two and a half thousand years, but it is still a question worth asking. The conception behind Penrose’s book is quixotic in its dream of engaging a readership that has no specialist knowledge, and serving them mathematical formulae by the shed-load. Like Don Quixote, the project sort of succeeds, but not quite in the way expected.<

Deconstructing Roy Liechtenstein: Liechtenstein's pop art paintings next to the comic book originals.

The Economist: The incompetent or the incoherent? The Economist writes: "With a heavy heart, we think American readers should vote for John Kerry on November 2nd." Good summary of the campaign.

Fingerprint Evidence Not Good Science: To quote Simon Cole: 'The real question is not whether all fingerprints are different, but how accurate are fingerprint examiners at matching the small, fragmentary prints you find at crime scenes. And the real answer is, we don't know.'

Homo floresiensis: The discovery of Homo floresiensis raises hopes for yeti hunters and, says Henry Gee, poses thorny questions about the uniqueness of Homo sapiens.

The Big Lebowski: Bowling for Buddha: Jeff Bridges stars as the Buddha in a film that’s all about enlightenment.

Mixing Biology And Electronics To Create Robotic Vision: Robots can crush humans at chess. But they can't beat us at soccer -- half the time they can't even recognize the soccer ball -- or defeat us in single combat and walk away from the encounter.

New monochrom content // Gastro-Art/Gastrokunst: In gastronomical enterprises the management frequently elects to present art as a form of extraordinary room decoration. monochrom has decided to dedicate this very page to the breathtaking world of 'gastro-art'. Dear internet users! Please help us collect more gastro-art! Take pictures and upload them!

Europe Leads Space Race to Hunt Down ET: European researchers have now begun work on a flotilla of orbiting mirrors that could return clear pictures of exo-planets, worlds that circle other stars.

Redskin Presidential Prophecy? The outcome of Washington Redskins football games has correctly predicted the winner of every U.S. presidential election since 1936.

The Reformation lives: Quote: "One of the reasons the Reformation was such an urgent, bloody affair, was that those involved had to get things right with God before he came on his final tour of inspection in the Last Days."

What is the chance of an asteroid hitting Earth and how do astronomers calculate it? Perry A. Gerakines, an assistant professor in the department of physics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, explains.

Rev Paul Sinclair's Motorcycle Funerals for a Dignified Final Ride: Quote: "Unique motorbike combinations to provide dignified funerals for motorcyclists, non-motorcyclists, racing enthusiasts and bikers."

Argentina and the IFI's: Better off without them? Article by Alan Cibils. Intro: >There is a popular saying in Argentina: más vale estar solo que mal acompañado (better to be alone than in bad company). Increasingly Argentines are wondering whether it isn’t time to go it alone and leave the International Financial Institutions (IFIs, the IMF, the World Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank) behind. During his August 31st, 2004 ten-hour, self-invited visit to Argentina, IMF Managing Director Rodrigo Rato told President Néstor Kirchner: "At the IMF we have a problem called Argentina". Kirchner promptly replied: "I have a problem called 15 million poor people", a clear reference to what Kirchner considers the outcome of decades of mistaken IMF policy prescriptions in Argentina. This frigid exchange is an indicator that the relationship between Argentina and the IMF is not going smoothly. In fact, the three-year agreement with the Fund, signed in September of 2003, is in limbo. In what has become a regular event, the IMF delayed approval of the third quarterly review of the agreement due in July, alleging that Argentina had not complied with certain structural reforms.<

Battle to stop e-voting steps up: Article by Roxanne Khamsi. With the US presidential election less than two weeks away, the battle over electronic voting is raging stronger than ever. Opponents of the technology have resorted to a series of lawsuits in a last-ditch attempt to stop the use of the machines.

Big Brother's next step: show that lasts forever: Germany's version of the Big Brother reality TV show will take a giant leap next spring with the opening of a small town mimicking The Truman Show concept. (via My Web Digest)

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism: Outfoxed examines how media empires, led by Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, have been running a "race to the bottom" in television news. This film provides an in-depth look at Fox News and the dangers of ever-enlarging corporations taking control of the public's right to know.

John Edwards and his 5 minute management training video How to carefully comb my hair: Quote: >"For a guy who's been known derisively to the Bush crowd as the Breck girl," observes Shearer, vice presidential candidate John Edwards seems "way too interested in his hair." He tries to straighten it with his fingers. A makeup technician approaches with a comb, but the senator likes it just so and does the combing himself. He signals he's ready for hair spray by closing his eyes expectantly, like a child. Then Edwards and the technician straighten a little more with their fingers. Please don't tell me that thing in his hand is a compact. Oh, dear. It is.< (via FM4)

Elffriede is a gifted graphic designer/drawing artist. She lives and works in Vienna.

One Arm Dove Hunt?

Why Thin, Flat Things Rise And Glide On The Way Down: An enterprising professor and her graduate student at Cornell University have solved the falling paper problem -- in part by calculating the motions of a scientific journal page in flight.

Strange Horizons Fiction: Prisoners of Uqbaristan: Short story by Chris Nakashima-Brown. Quote: >"I'm an action figure, honey," said the mini-Prez in perfect Midland patois. "Of the Dauphin of the Zeitgeist, for your information. Twelve inches of strategic air power—anatomically correct, to boot. Want to take it out of the box and play with it?"< (via Danstuff)

Hitchcock Mosaics: Quite beautiful to look at—Alfred Hitchcock movies immortalized in mosaic at the Leytonstone Tube Station. An interesting way of "making permanent" the ephemeral experience of cinema.

US antidepressants to carry suicide warnings: Quote: "The US Food and Drug Administration said on 15 October that it will require drug manufacturers to issue strong 'black box' warnings on all antidepressant medications. The FDA said the warnings must indicate that the drugs may cause children and teenagers to exhibit suicidal thoughts and behaviours. The warnings will also indicate whether the FDA has determined that the medication being sold works in children."

Nonbelief and Evil: Two Arguments for the Nonexistence of God by Theodore Drange: Charles Echelbarger explains the atheistic arguments of Theodore Drange. Intro: "Theodore Drange is one of a relatively small number of academic philosophers who have devoted a large part of their intellectual efforts over the last thirty-some years to systematically opposing theism. Other philosophers in this group include Michael Martin, Richard Gale, Paul Kurtz, Kai Nielsen and J.L. Mackie. The writings of all of them deserve attention from readers with some background in philosophy, both because of the generally high quality of their work and because the number of philosophers who have published in defense of theism is much larger than the number of non-theist philosophers. Those who are swimming against strong currents ought not to be ignored, even by those who are sure that they are moving in the wrong direction."

Philosophers and their lookalikes: Baudrillard is Goofy?

Gulf War Syndrome 'Does Exist': For more than a decade the array of symptoms known as the "Gulf war syndrome" were deemed largely imaginary. Not anymore, reports the BBC.

Star Death Email Alert Service: The problem with celebrities is that the ones you've heard of just don't die that often.

Black goldrush: Comment by Jason Leopold. Under Cheney, Halliburton helped Saddam Hussein siphon billions from the UN Oil-for-Food Program.

Amphibians In Dramatic Decline; Study Finds Nearly One-Third Of Species Threatened With Extinction: The world's amphibian species are under unprecedented assault and are experiencing tens of thousands of years worth of extinctions in just a century, according to the most comprehensive study ever conducted. More than 500 scientists from over 60 nations contributed to the Global Amphibian Assessment.

Education Opportunities in Space Law: A Directory: Intro: "The increasing number of States involved in space activities has emphasized the need for effective laws and policies on space activities, not just on an international level but also on the national level. The successful operation of space law, policies and institutions in a country relies on the presence of suitable professionals. Institutions that address the subject of space law and policy play an important role in promoting national expertise and capacity in this field."

Ash Vs. Renee? Austrian porn actress Renee Pornero presents a bizarre 'Alien Vs. Predator' plastic puppet photo story. Can somebody explain this to me?

Controlling Hurricanes: Someday it may be possible to weaken tropical storms or steer them away from land.

Enigma Machine: Today's featured article on Wikipedia is about the Enigma Machine. Excellent.

Keplerian Harmonies: Christopher Arthur, a maths graduate from Texas who is now a computer programmer and has an interest in Kepler, has written a program that uses NASA's ephemeris information and the method of reduction given in Kepler's Harmonice mundi to derive a musical version of the current state of the resonances among the motions of the planets. The sounds will doubtless not make it to the Top Ten, but I thought they might be of interest as a demonstration of a known phenomenon.

Tagore's Oriental Postmodernity: Intro: "European imperial governance and education created in her colonies a class of modern elite. A small section of the 'enlightened' elite comprised powerful thinkers in the colonies. In India, these exceptional intellectuals articulated in their writings a forceful critique of the Euro-centric model of development in a period when British rule evoked awe, reverence and admiration among the country's élite. They discerned the exploitative motive behind the civilizing agenda of colonial governance and what Foucault has called 'governmentality.' A wealth of such critical prose can be found amidst the early twentieth century writings of Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, Ramendrasundar Trivedi and Binoy Kumar Sircar in a language that is no less profound than those gleaned in any modern 'postmodernist' writings. Unfortunately, such pieces of critical indigenous literature have hardly ever been cited in any scholarly work related to development and postmodernist discourse."

How do scientists detect new elements (such as element 115) if they only last milliseconds before disintegrating? Todd M. Hamilton, an associate professor and chair of the department of chemistry at Adrian College, explains.

Bike Couriers: DaddyD writes: "I tend to be a little nuts. I don't mean that in a bad way or anything. I used to be one myself, and my sanity has been questioned almost as often as my patriotism. Of course, a bike courier is getting paid for it. Being crazy as a past time is a whole 'nother kettle of spaghetti. There is one guy who's hobby seems to be freak biking. Not just extreme road antics, or downhilling or trials, I mean all out freakiness. Like dragging a couch through the streets of the east coast. Or pulling a rock band (on stage) with his bike as part of a peace march. The good thing is he documents it all and shares it with us. THanks to his mighty geeky helmet can you can follow the route this guy takes on a bicycle drag race through the streets of NYC. It's scary..."
Link 1 (Video)
Link 2 (More videos)

The Hitch-Hikers Guide to French Science Fiction: Article by Jean-Claude Dunyach.

Gothika: Malleus Gothifikarum: Psychiatrists are the new Inquisition in this horror tale of church dogma and state power.

Everything adds up in math of chance meetings: How infinitesimal are the odds of bumping into someone you know thousands of miles from home? Well, it's more likely than you think.

Study Shows Potential For Antarctic Climate Change: While Antarctica has mostly cooled over the last 30 years, the trend is likely to rapidly reverse, according to a computer model study by NASA researchers. The study indicates the South Polar Region is expected to warm during the next 50 years.

Utopia in 'Childhood's End' by Arthur C. Clarke: Artivle by Zoran Zivkovic.

Camp: An Introduction: Intro: >Why is "camp"—a word which both academic and mainstream media cultural critics feel free to toss around whenever discussing objects or situations whose popularity among hipsters is inexplicable to middlebrow standards of taste (e.g., "cult" movies, "ugly" clothes, "bad" art or music)—apparently so impossible to define?<

Resurrecting Questions about The Passion of the Christ: Survey Data Counters Claims of Massive Public Influence.

How to build the Universe: Including cause-and-effect in equations produces 4-dimensional space-time.

The Zoomquilt: A mind-boggling collaborative art project, a neverending zoom through wonderful artistic landscapes.

Lies, dam lies and statistics: "Dams are not the temples of India. They are her burial grounds." An interview with Angana Chatterji on the devastation being visited upon the people of the Narmada valley.

Bigfoot Hoax Goes in Halls of Hooey: Hoaxer Bob Heironimus shows off the costume he says he wore during the shooting of the Patterson film in 1967.

Hydrogen economy looks out of reach: US vehicles would require a million wind turbines, economists claim.

Jelinek wins Nobel prize: Austrian novelist and playwright Elfriede Jelinek has been awarded this year's Nobel Prize for Literature.

George W. Bush: Keeping America Scared: Terrific Republican National Convention cut'n paste movie (via DaddyD).

When Two Tribes Go to War: A History of Video Game Controversy: Intro: >Since the earliest days of pinball, someone somewhere has been determined to ban games--our visceral companions and instigators of id-driven fun. Ronnie Lamm, the noted Long Island PTA president, mother of two, and opponent of arcades and gaming culture in general, spoke about her cause on the MacNeil/Lehrer show in December 1982. She discussed how she and other advocates for banning video games had recently "passed final legislation to limit and control what we considered as being a massive proliferation of games within our community," according to a transcript. Lamm and her group placed limitations on arcades' proximity to schools as well as on the hours during which kids would actually be allowed to play.< (via GDaAP)

Molecular kiss of death: Three researchers who unravelled the mechanism behind a molecular kiss of death - a tag that marks proteins for destruction - have been awarded this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Maurizio Cattelan: The Italian artist recently presented a public sculpture. The installation featured three young children hanging from an oak tree in Milan’s May 24 Square. The installation so enraged one man that he got a ladder and cut the 'corpses' down. He fell, hit his head and lost a lot of blood.

Earthquake Forecast Program Has Amazing Success Rate: A NASA-funded earthquake forecast program has an amazing track record. Published in 2002, the Rundle-Tiampo Forecast has accurately forecast the locations of 15 of California's 16 largest earthquakes this decade, including last week's tremors.

Stanislav Gromov is a Russian singer-songwriter. I really love his song "Les Feuilles Mortes" (via Schockwellenreiter).

William Shatner's Spplat Attack: William Shatner's paintball movie... aaaaah! Quote: "William Shatner leads the forces of earth to resist the alien hordes led by national radio personality Mancow and the cyborg warriors led by paintball icon Tom Kaye. Spplat Attack is a one-of-a-kind cross over of world famous sci-fi with the world's fastest growing extreme sport. Shot on location at Challenge Park Xtreme with over 1500 participants and nine cameras, this is the ultimate paintball movie. Don't miss the action as three races battle to be the only survivor on a remote planet."

The art of Hasler Martl: Hasler Martl never attended art school. Nonetheless he denies being a "primitive" or "naive" artist, and surely such a label would't do justice to his art.

Why do we dream? Ernest Hartmann, a professor of psychiatry at Tufts University School of Medicine and the director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Newton Wellesley Hospital in Boston, Mass., explains.

Medieval Surgeons Were Advanced: BBC News reports about brain surgeons in medieval times.

New Age Techniques for a New Age of Soldiers: Holistic medicine has enjoyed a steady rise in popularity in the U.S. Though still relatively unused by the U.S. military, there are practitioners.

The Egg Song: Mankind needed an egg song, and here it is: "White and tender, around the center, cozy sitting in the crackling shell."

Science on Television: Alternating between Elitism and Levelling: Intro: "Often enough it has been argued that natural sciences and technology lie at the basis of our modern societies. To enable a democratic society to react in an adequate manner to scientific developments, the citizens have to be informed about the sciences, both about their content and their social determinants and impacts. Apart from the educational system, the most important and nearly the only source of information about science is the mass media. They have a key position in determining the relations between the public and the ’subsystem’ of science. In this context it is interesting to ask how science is represented on television. Which information is transmitted to the public about science? Which (if any) criteria are given for the assessment of science and its importance for society?"

SpaceShipOne Wins $10 Million Ansari X Prize in Historic 2nd Trip to Space: Quote: "Human flight took a significant step forward today as the privately built SpaceShipOne flew into suborbital space for the second time in five days, securing the $10 million Ansari X Prize."

Letter from Antony Flew on Darwinism and Theology: Professor Antony Flew, who is famous for his philosophical arguments in favour of atheism, has contributed these tantalising comments to the debate.

The Resistance and the Left: Article by Naomi Klein. Intro: "My first run-in with Muqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army came on March 31 in Baghdad. The U.S. occupation chief, Paul Bremer, had just sent armed men to shut down the young cleric's newspaper, Al Hawza, claiming that its articles comparing Bremer to Saddam Hussein incited violence against Americans. Sadr responded by calling for his supporters to protest outside the gates of the Green Zone, demanding Al Hawza's reopening. When I heard about the demo, I wanted to go, but there was a problem: I had been visiting state factories all day, and I wasn't dressed appropriately for a crowd of devout Shiites. Then again, I reasoned, this was a demonstration in defense of journalistic freedom — could they really object to a journalist in loose pants? I put on a head scarf and headed over."

Data Trends Suggest Women Will Outrun Men in 2156: Quote: "Every four years, athletes from around the world travel to the Olympic Games to compete in the 100-meter dash, hoping to earn title of fastest man or woman on Earth. A new statistical analysis suggests that in the year 2156, the winner of the women's event may finally outrun her male counterpart."

Bulbo: A strange animated character takes a drug-induced trip to Zanyland.

The Sadducee Printouts/The Unwritten Blessing Of Shimon: Oh my god, this is really insane stuff. Quote: "This is a book. Not a comic book. There are no pictures. This is a book. In the tradition of books it piggybacks no ads. The Sadducee Printouts runs 1,380 pages comprised of 705,440 words in eight chapters plus a 20-page introduction. THIS BOOK IS RECOMMENDED TO THE FOLLOWING GROUPS OF PEOPLE: Matriarchists. Heterosexual male transvestites in the mold of Richard Wagner. Those interested in metaphysics. Velikovskians. Those interested in Madonna. The proletariat. Those who have heard of Hokhmah and would like to see her in action. ... Piece of advice: Only those whose weight of the body permits it, to paraphrase Kafka, should consider trying to negotiate this book. How do you know if the weight of your body may permit it? You know the answer to these two questions as restated earlier this year by Miss American pi. Do you believe in rock 'n' roll? Can music save your mortal soul? The answer is the square root of -1."

Capital Punishment and Homicide: Sociological Realities and Econometric Illusions... Does executing murderers cut the homicide rate or not? Comparative studies show there is no effect. Econometric models, in contrast, show a mixture of results. Why the difference? And which is the more reliable method? (via csicop)

Flatulant fish net Ig Nobel award: 'Alternative' Nobels celebrate the lighter side of science. Quote: "Farting may be a source of schoolboy humour, but it's a matter of life and death for some fish. So say researchers who have just scooped the Biology Ig Nobel award for their discovery that herring may use flatulence as a danger signal."

Drunken Boat: Lusciously designed arts mag.

The World's Forgotten Boy: Richard Cabut (3AM Magazine) interviews Kevin Mooney about the punk days, Adam & The Ants and his current project, Lavender Pill Mob: "I remember one time in Middlesbrough. The skins were throwing sharpened up 50ps and kung fu stars, so I said, tactfully: 'If they dropped an atomic bomb on this town it would do £5 worth of damage. I've travelled all over England, I've seen every skinhead in the country and you, standing at the back, you've got the ugliest girlfriend around'. And then this big riot broke out."

Shaun of the Dead: Nice review. Quote: "The case can be made that many of us are walking zombies. We wake up, do some yawning and stretching, brush our teeth, go to work, eat dinner, watch TV ... all to wake up, lather, rinse and repeat the next day."

ET can't call 'prophet' - judge bans him from Internet use: Quote: >An Edmonton man facing a hate-crimes charge stemming from postings on his website claims he is linked with extraterrestrials seeking a new world economic order. Reinhard Mueller, 61 - charged with wilfully promoting hatred against Jewish people via the Internet - was in provincial court yesterday for a bail review. [...] On the website, Mueller uses the pen-name Reni Sentana-Ries and says he is of ancient Egyptian stature and "has authority recognized by all High Councils of this Galaxy."<

Out Of Africa: Scientists Find Earliest Evidence Yet Of Human Presence In Northeast Asia: Quote: "Early humans lived in northern China about 1.66 million years ago, according to research reported in the journal Nature this week. The finding suggests humans--characterized by their making and use of stone tools--inhabited upper Asia almost 340,000 years before previous estimates placed them there, surviving in a pretty hostile environment."

Time Flies: DaddyD writes: "When your having fun. Or paying for internet access by the minute. Back when you still paid normal telephone rates for dial up access. I actually had an öS 8000 phone bill one month. That sucked. Whatever, we have come a long long way, and many of you probably can't even remember back to the days before the Internet meant the web. Back when it was Archie, and Gopher... So for a look back at someone taking a look into the present and future, check out this little bit from Canadian Television. It's Quaint."

Blade Runner: Paranoid Androids? Science fiction or conspiracy theory? Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

Presidential Fiction: Quote: >The first Bush-Kerry debate made the Democrat's dilemma all too clear. Kerry wants to focus on pocketbook issues, promising every American a chance to achieve or retain a comfortable middle class standard of living. In a debate restricted to foreign policy, he could only criticize the President and say, "Somehow, I'll do better." Bush was content to focus on foreign affairs, as long as he could stick to the big picture and avoid talking about realities on the Iraqi ground. With the economy still sputtering and Iraq engulfed in violence, he has little to offer except the big picture -- a grand story of America's global mission.<

'That politician stole my penis': A mob in northeast Nigeria has beaten a government official to death after he was accused of causing a man's penis to disappear, police said on Wednesday.

New Show Tries To Dispel Urban Myths: Discovery Channel's "Mythbusters" uses scientific experiments and special effects to see if certain urban legends hold water.

Are We the Galaxy’s Youngest Residents? Quote: "We don’t know, but there could be thousands, and possibly millions, of Earth-like planets studding the dark latitudes of the Milky Way. Our Galaxy could be thick with worlds that host not just life, but intelligence. In this putative club of sentients, is it possible that we are the newest arrivals?"

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Carefully Selected Moments / CD, LP

Freedom is a whore of a word (T-Shirt)


International Year of Polytheism 2007

Santa Claus Vs. Christkindl: A Mobster Battle

Could It Be (Video clip)

Pot Tin God

Hacking the Spaces

Kiki and Bubu and The Shift / Short film

Kiki and Bubu and The Privilege / Short film

Kiki and Bubu and The Self / Short film

Kiki and Bubu and The Good Plan / Short film

Kiki and Bubu and The Feelings / Short film / Short film

Sculpture Mobs

Nazi Petting Zoo / Short film

The Great Firewall of China

KPMG / Short film

The BRAICIN / Short film

Soviet Unterzoegersdorf / Sector 1 / The Adventure Game

I was a copyright infringement in a previous life (T-Shirt)

Brave New Pong

Leben ist LARPen e.V.

One Minute / Short film

Firing Squad Euro2008 Intervention


A tribute to Honzo

Lessig ist lässig

I can count every star in the heavens above -- The image of computers in popular music

All Tomorrow's Condensations / Puppet show

Bye Bye / Short film


PC/DC patch

Proto-Melodic Comment Squad


The Redro Loitzl Story / Short film

Hax0rcise SCO

Law and Second Order (T-Shirt)

They really kicked you out of the Situationist International?

Death Special: Falco

Applicant Fisch / Short film

When I was asked to write about new economy

Taugshow #6

Taugshow #7

Taugshow #9

Taugshow #10

Taugshow #11

Taugshow #14

Taugshow #15

Campfire at Will

Arse Elektronika 2007, 2008, 2009 etc.

The Void's Foaming Ebb / Short film

Remoting Future

When you / Short film


Free Bariumnitrate

Toyps / Typing Errors

ARAD-II Miami Beach Crisis

The Charcoal Burner / Short film

Digital Culture In Brazil


Nation of Zombia

Lonely Planet Guide action

CSI Oven Cloth

Dept. of Applied Office Arts

Farewell to Overhead

Google Buttplug

Fieldrecording in Sankt Wechselberg / Short film

Dark Dune Spots

Campaign For The Abolition Of Personal Pronouns


Space Tourism

In the Head of the Gardener

Entertainment (Unterhaltung) / Short film

Cthulhu Goatse

Nicholas Negroponte Memorial Cable

Coke Light Art Edition 06

Experience the Experience! (West Coast USA/Canada Tour 2005)

April 23

Overhead Cumshot

Irark / Short film


Instant Blitz Copy Fight

A Patriotic Fireman

A Micro Graphic Novel Project

Noise and Talk

The Exhilarator


SUZOeG Training / Short film

The Flower Currency


A Holiday in Soviet Unterzoegersdorf

How does the Internet work?

Paraflows 2006 and up

Special Forces

Coca Cola

About Work

Turing Train Terminal

Me / Short Film

Massive Multiplayer Thumb-Wrestling Network


Some Code To Die For

The Year Wrap-up

Soviet Unterzoegersdorf Metroblogging

Project Mendel

Display, Retry, Fail

Manifesto of Ignorantism


Towers of Hanoi



Every Five Seconds an Inkjet Printer Dies Somewhere




We know apocalypses

452 x 157 cm² global durability

A Good Haul

Blattoptera / Art for Cockroaches

Minus 24x

Gladiator / Short Film


An attempt to emulate an attempt

Paschal Duct-Taping

Laptop Crochetication


Somewhere in the 1930s

Soul Sale

The Department for Criticism against Globalisation

Dot Smoke

Georg Paul Thomann

Nurgel Staring

War On

Let's network it out


Mackerel Fiddlers


Disney vs. Chrusov / Short film

Bulk Mail

Easter Celebrations

Mouse Over Matter

Condolence for a Crab

Force Sting

Turning Threshold Countries Into Plows


A Noise

A. C. A.

Hopping Overland

Achy Breaky Heart Campaign

Hermeneutic Imperative III

Holy Water / Franchise

Roböxotica // Festival for Cocktail-Robotics


Engine Hood Cookies


The Watch

Creative Industry 2003

This World

Cracked Foundation For The Fine Arts

Sometimes I feel

Fit with INRI

Growing Money

Catapulting Wireless Devices

Buried Alive

Illegal Space Race

Magnetism Party

Brick of Coke

1 Baud

Scrota Contra Vota

Direct Intervention Engine

Oh my God, they use a history which repeats itself! (T-Shirt)


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