Taugshow #11

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monochrom presents:
++TAUGSHOW #11++
Saturday, May 12, 2007 / 9:00 PM (changed from 8 to 9 PM!!) @ C-Base, Berlin

The flat hierarchies of talk shows are about as subversive as NYC Democrats smoking dope. But count us out! We won't produce a talk show. Nope. We produce a TAUGSHOW! Which means: we dig it. Our guests are geeks, heretics, and other coevals. A joyful bucket full of good clean fanaticism, crisis, language, culture, self-content, identity, utopia, mania and despair, condensed into the well known cultural technique of a prime time TV show.

[taugen; Viennese slang: to dig/love/adore something]

Host: Johannes Grenzfurthner
Content Manager: Roland Gratzer

Sat May 12, 8pm, C-Base, Berlin, Germany.


Thanks to the wonderful folks at C-Base and the CCC for helping us...



Régine Debatty (BE/DE) studied Classics in Belgium and England, worked as a teacher of Latin and ancient Greek, then moved to media, working as a documentary director for the Belgian national TV, as a reporter for the radio Onda Cero in Spain and as a consultant for the MEDIA programme of the European Commission in Italy. She's now a full-time blogger, a new media art consultant for festivals and art commissions and writes about the intersection between art, design and technology on we-make-money-not-art.com and contributes to design and art magazines.

We'll talk to her about her statement "The Meat is the Media".
What happens when artists manipulate life itself, hack the genes and grow semi-living entitites in their labs?




Karin Harrasser, Researcher in Cultural Studies on the following topics: History of Technology, Popular Culture (Science Fiction), history and politics of the body, and Gender Studies. She is also active in the field of Science Communication (exhibitions, conferences, development of new publishing formats etc.). Her recent research is on the cultural implications of limb-prosthetics. She lives and works both in Vienna and Berlin.

We will talk to her about why it still seems to be attractive to talk about Science in the mode of Science Fiction and why SF is a restricted mode for science communication. Karin asserts that this is not because SF represents scientific "facts" wrongly - this could on the contrary be a productive way to communicate science - but because SF usually describes power relations in a naive way, and because SF hardly ever shows the processes of research.



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Evelyn presents "Wicked Wordz", our regular column about lingustics.


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An eternity of dhrystones per second!



Taugshow is a project by monochrom. But what is monochrom?

monochrom is a worldwide operating collective dealing with technology, art, context hacking, and philosophy which was founded in 1993. They specialize in an unpeculiar mixture of proto-aesthetic fringe work, pop attitude, subcultural science, and political activism. Their mission is conducted everywhere, but first and foremost "in culture-archaeological digs into the seats (and pockets) of ideology and entertainment."
Among their projects, monochrom has released a leftist retro-gaming project, established a one baud semaphore line through the streets of San Francisco, started an illegal space race through Los Angeles, buried people alive in Vancouver, and cracked the hierarchies of the art system with the Thomann Project. In Austria they ate blood sausages made from their own blood in order to criticize the grotesque neoliberal formation of the world economy. Sometimes they compose melancholic pop songs about dying media and they have hosted the first annual festival concerned with cocktail robotics. At the moment they're planning a conference about pornography as one of the driving forces of technological innovation. They also do international soul trade, propaganda camps, epic puppet theater, aesthetic pregnancy counseling, food catering, and - sorry to mention - modern dance.
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