A collaboration by cuba*LIBRE (P. Drössler) and monochrom (J. Grenzfurthner)

These days, firms and businesses merge more than ever. Joint-ventures, mergers, share-holder-evaluations happen everywhere like there’s no tomorrow. Unjustly, the small partner’s logo is always the one which is sacrificed. Usually it will still be in use for a short period, clinging onto his big brother like an appendix, only to be clipped and pushed into the vortex of time.
In order to do away with this hair-raising injustice we have carried out “Project Mendel”. Logos taken from companies listed in the Fortune 500 were mixed strictly after Mendel’s theory of heredity, using characteristics such as colour, type face, type size, type style, et cetera. The decision about who is the dominant partner was of course
determined by capital. Predictably, the result is not really surprising.

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