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Scrollbar installations: Dutch artist Jan Robert Leegte created a couple of scrollbar installations.


The Doodletown Reveries of Philip K. Dick: Joseph Lanza finds himself channeling P. K. Dick. Quote: >Somewhere in an alternate universe, Philip K. Dick is alive and well. He is also still on the alert for those collective psychic traps we euphemistically refer to as "reality." Recently, after viewing the much-praised film Pleasantville, I suddenly found myself channeling PKD.<

Kung Fu Cockfighter: NSFW. Hardcore. Freaky. Spooky. Yeiks! Quote: "Kung Fu Cockfighter is a rare x-rated kung fu flick from 1976. Sure, that sounds like a great idea, but it's actually long and dull and contains surprisingly little kung fu cockfighting. So I've condensed this odd little artifact down to a 300 second package. Enjoy."

Partial Ingredients For DNA And Protein Found Around Star: NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has discovered some of life's most basic ingredients in the dust swirling around a young star. The ingredients - gaseous precursors to DNA and protein - were detected in the star's terrestrial planet zone, a region where rocky planets such as Earth are thought to be born. The findings represent the first time that these gases, called acetylene and hydrogen cyanide, have been found in a terrestrial planet zone outside of our own.

Language colours vision: The left brain may view the world through the prism of language.

Hollywood making Chinese Movies For China: Quote: "Traditionally, Hollywood studios have tailored their films for showing in Los Angeles or Kansas City or Lubbock. Foreign markets were the icing on an American cake, a lucrative revenue stream for the cost of a few subtitles or some language dubbing. Then in recent years, as the cost of filming in Hollywood skyrocketed, foreign lands became the destination of choice for bargain-basement movie production — with their offer of cheap labor, financial incentives and unspoiled landscapes. But American moviegoers were still the endgame. Now, faced with shrinking, fragmenting audiences at home, the studios are rethinking how they operate in foreign markets."

Hackers Rebel Against Spy Cams: Our office neighbors, the folks of Quintessenz, held a speech at Chaos Computer Club Berlin.
Quote: >When the Austrian government passed a law this year allowing police to install closed-circuit surveillance cameras in public spaces without a court order, the Austrian civil liberties group Quintessenz vowed to watch the watchers. Members of the organization worked out a way to intercept the camera images with an inexpensive, 1-GHz satellite receiver. The signal could then be descrambled using hardware designed to enhance copy-protected video as it's transferred from DVD to VHS tape. The Quintessenz activists then began figuring out how to blind the cameras with balloons, lasers and infrared devices. And, just for fun, the group created an anonymous surveillance system that uses face-recognition software to place a black stripe over the eyes of people whose images are recorded. Quintessenz members Adrian Dabrowski and Martin Slunksy presented their video-surveillance research at the 22nd annual Chaos Communication Congress here this week. Five hundred hackers jammed into a meeting room for a presentation that fit nicely into CCC's 2005 theme of "private investigations."<

The Best and Worst Marketing Ideas of 2005: It was the best of years, it was the worst. Here's a look at the best and worst of 2005. (via Think Emotions)
Link (PDF)

Rocky VI knocked out: Sylvester Stallone was rushed to hospital after he was knocked unconscious on the set of new Rocky movie 'Rocky Balboa'.

Amazon billionaire Bezos ready for spave travel: Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos expects a rocket-ship complex for his aerospace venture Blue Origin to open early next year, city records show.

Kids love to hate Barbie: Barbie, that plastic icon of girlhood fantasy play, is routinely tortured by children, research has found. The methods of mutilation are varied and creative, ranging from scalping to decapitation, burning, breaking and even microwaving, according to academics from the University of Bath.

What Your End-of-the-Year Top 10 List(s) Says About You

Blasphemy in Narnia: A previously unpublished letter shows that the author of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe would have vehemently rejected adaptation.

The 50 Best Robots Ever: "They're exploring the deep sea and distant planets. They're saving lives in the operating room and on the battlefield. They're transforming factory floors and filmmaking. They're - oh c'mon, they're just plain cool! From Qrio to the Terminator, here are our absolute favorites (at least for now)."

monochrom project update // We buy/sell souls: We just got new bids: J. Piringer (EUR 130), B. Kaiser (EUR 130).

Project info: On the 1st of november 1998, we purchased and registered a total of fifteen high-quality souls. These souls are now being offered for sale to third parties with power of disposal. We understand the project – beyond all philosophical discourses and argumentation seeking to prove God's existence – in the classical sense of a market driven by supply and demand. The soul is a tradable commodity, a form of virtual capital.

Contortion Homepage/CHP: Page dedicated to the art of contortion.

Picture: Pierre-Antoine Dussouillez.

Parrot understands concept akin to zero: A Brandeis University researcher in Massachusetts has shown that an African grey parrot understands a numerical concept akin to zero.

No Real Protection without Authentic Love and Compassion? By John Makransky, Boston College, Department of Theology. Abstract: "The focus of modern technocratic societies on material means for well being tends to ignore the significance of motivation: What sort of motive force drives the social policies and development strategies of our societies, and how does that affect the outcome of our endeavors to establish social stability and well-being? This paper will draw upon teachings from the Ornament of the Mahayana Scriptures (Mahāyāna-sūtra-alakāra, ascribed to Maitreya circa the fourth century CE), teachings that focus on the motive power of boundless love and what happens where it is lacking. I will try to apply insights from that text to contemporary problems of social fragmentation and violence."

DNA used to mass-produce nanostructures: U.S. scientists used the self-assembling properties of DNA to mass-produce nanometer-scale structures on which patterns of molecules can be specified.

Hollywood Limps Out Of A Down Year: Quote: "This is the third straight year of decline in Hollywood ticket sales - the first such stretch of bad news in 40 years. Because of the continued falloff - sales are down 12.6 percent from 2002 - a growing number of analysts wonder if America's movie habits are changing permanently."

He knows if you've been bad or good..

Santa isn't just filling stockings in Indonesia. He's also checking packages for bombs in the world's most populous Muslim nation where authorities are gearing up to prevent possible militant attacks.

The MP3 LED Tree: Quote: "In today's busy world, classic holiday traditions such as caroling and decorating the tree are too much of a pain in the ass. Now it may be a bit late to do your tree shopping, unless you plan to leave that tree up until next year, but this is definitely a good gadget to keep in mind for future years. State-of-the-art lighting and an integrated MP3 player makes this the perfect tree for techies and lazy people alike. And just imagine the fun that could be had by replacing the MP3s of carols with some hardcore Mike Jones on Christmas Eve. Only $169 to have the laziest Christmas yet."


Iranians Unfazed by Ban on Western Music: Quote: "A young woman driving through the Iranian capital blared the Eagles' "Hotel California" from her car speakers -- an act that would have gotten her pulled over by police, and possibly arrested, 20 years ago during the frenzy of the Islamic Revolution. To Pari Mahmoudi, who grew up in an era when many of the 1979 revolution's restrictions have been dropped or ignored, a new ban on Western music ordered this week by Iran's hard-line president seems too ludicrous to be real."

Stick Figure Death Theatre: Library of stickman movies.

The land of elves: Quote: >According to elf seer Erla Stefansdottir, "Elf Central" in Iceland is this town, just a few kilometers southwest of Reykjavik, the Iceland capital. The town, she said, has "the richest elf and spirit populations" in all of Iceland. Elves, gnomes, dwarves, angels, light-fairies and "the hidden people" are all classes of what Stefansdottir calls elvin beings.<

The Formal Reasoning Of Quantum Mechanics: Can We Make It Concrete? Should We? By Dean Zollman. Intro: "The teaching and learning of quantum mechanics is very frequently postponed until relatively late in a student's academic career. In U.S. universities students typically receive a quick introduction to some aspects of one-dimensional quantum mechanics from the end of the second or beginning of the third year of their university studies and then do not study quantum mechanics in any depth until the fourth year. Thus, the major concepts which have driven much of the development of physics and of modern technology during the 20thcentury are delayed until the end of a physicist's academic career and are frequently not studied by other students at any time during their careers."

Lean Gene Machine: Ocean bacterium has the most streamlined genome.

monochrom season's greetings // Merry Christmas... and don't forget: Easter is coming soon.

French Parliament Votes to Allow Web File Sharing
(via Carlos Katastrofsky)

Grand Hotels of the Jazz Age: The Architecture of Schultze and Weaver: Edited by Marianne Lamonaca and Jonathan Mogul.

Quote: "The Breakers, the Waldorf, the Biltmore, the Sherry, the Pierre-these landmark hotels are synonymous with grand luxury and style. When they were built, in the 1920s, their refined elegance and grandeur set the bar for hotels and resorts the world over. Responsible for creating these and countless other hotels throughout the United States, were the partners of a single architectural firm: Schultze & Weaver. Together, this duo-an architect and an engineer-virtually invented the glamorous lifestyle made famous in films like Grand Hotel. Catering to the social elite of which they were themselves a part, Schultze & Weaver synthesized the Old World style of Renaissance Italy, Moorish Spain, and Georgian England with all of the modern amenities that made hotel living luxurious. This book presents portfolios of fifteen of the firm's most spectacular hotels, culminating in the Art Moderne masterpiece of the Waldorf-Astoria. Over two hundred period photographs and hand-colored architectural renderings chart the ascent of the American hotel in all its glory and glamour, before the Great Depression forever changed the lifestyles of America's rich and famous. Essays address the cultural and technological developments that underpin the creation of resort and residential hotels, including the elemental role played by Schultze & Weaver. This book is published in conjunction with an exhibition at the Wolfsonian-Florida International University, Miami, held in celebration of their tenth anniversary."

Where's Our Sense Of Utopia? Quote: "There is no doubt that we're living in anti-utopian times. The political imagination is, if not dead exactly, certainly in a coma. Politics today is about fiddling, making a tweak here or there but not changing anything much. We can't conceive of a future much better than the present. Perhaps we imagine that computers will be quicker and mobile phones cleverer, but there is little notion that human beings could live vastly more fulfilled and improved lives than our own. There is no sense that history holds possibilities that we haven't yet imagined. Utopian impulses persist, of course, but these impulses are for the most part expressed in banal ways."

Solving Life's Mysteries The Age: From space travel to DNA, it was a year of tremendous breakthroughs in many areas of scientific endeavour.

Moongazing reveals the chaotic world of Uranus: New orbital data on two moons of Uranus and two rings suggest the seventh planet may be a more chaotic place than thought.

VisualComplexity.com: Brilliant stuff!

Quote: "VisualComplexity.com intends to be a unified resource space for anyone interested in the visualization of complex networks. The project's main goal is to leverage a critical understanding of different visualization methods, across a series of disciplines, as diverse as Biology, Social Networks or the World Wide Web. I truly hope this space can inspire, motivate and enlighten any person doing research on this field. Not all projects shown here are genuine complex networks, in the sense that they aren’t necessarily at the edge of chaos, or show an irregular and systematic degree of connectivity. However, the projects that apparently skip this class were chosen for two important reasons. They either provide advancement in terms of visual depiction techniques/methods or show conceptual uniqueness and originality in the choice of a subject. Nevertheless, all projects have one trait in common: the whole is always more than the sum of its parts." (via Matthias Truxa)

Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World: Book by Mark Kurlansky.

Quote: >In this engaging history of a "1000-year fishing spree," Kurlansky traces the relationship of cod fishery to such historical eras and events as medieval Christianity and Christian observances; international conflicts between England and Germany over Icelandic cod; slavery, the molasses trade, and the dismantling of the British Empire; and, the evolution of a sophisticated fishing industry in New England. Kurlansky relates this information in an entertaining style while providing accurate scientific information. The story does not have a happy ending, however. The cod fishery is in trouble, deep trouble, as the Atlantic fish has been fished almost to extinction. Quoting a scientist from the Woods Hole Biological Laboratory, Massachusetts, Kurlansky notes that to forecast the recovery of the cod population is to gamble: "There is only one known calculation: 'When you get to zero, it will produce zero.'"< (from Library Journal)

The Right to Be Lazy: Farewell to the Working Class: In 1883 Karl Marx's son-in-law, Paul Lafargue, was idling in a relatively luxurious political prison near the Latin Quarter of Paris. A Cuban-French socialist, he whiled away the days taking long lunches and discussing the evils of capitalism with his comrade and collaborator Jules Guesde, who happened to be staying in the next room. Lafargue's other prison pastimes included relaxing in the bathtub that had been delivered to his quarters (at Friedrich Engels's expense), practicing his German and, like any good nineteenth-century intellectual, revising his treatise--a pamphlet titled The Right to Be Lazy.

Thinking Pain-Free: Quote: "Researchers asked people in pain to try to control a pain-regulating region of the brain by watching activity in that area from inside a real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI, machine. Initial results showed subjects could reduce their pain, some quite dramatically. It's the first evidence that humans can take control of a specific region of the brain, and thereby decrease pain."

Has the Beagle lander been found? The remains of the Beagle 2 spacecraft may have been found, according to scientists who worked on the doomed Mars probe.

Homeland Security agents visit student who took Mao's book from library: Quote: >A senior at UMass Dartmouth was visited by federal agents two months ago, after he requested a copy of Mao Tse-Tung's tome on Communism called "The Little Red Book." Two history professors at UMass Dartmouth, Brian Glyn Williams and Robert Pontbriand, said the student told them he requested the book through the UMass Dartmouth library's interlibrary loan program. The student, who was completing a research paper on Communism for Professor Pontbriand's class on fascism and totalitarianism, filled out a form for the request, leaving his name, address, phone number and Social Security number. He was later visited at his parents' home in New Bedford by two agents of the Department of Homeland Security, the professors said."< (via Carlos Katastrofsky)

The Premature Death of Paul McCartney: Did you know that Paul McCartney, the ex-Beatle, never actually left the band because ... he died in 1966 and was then replaced by a lookalike? It sounds bizarre, and it is. The "Paul is dead" myth is one of the most popular myths set in the world of rock music and perhaps the most fun to follow up.

Necro-economics: Adam Smith and death in the life of the universal: By Warren Montag. Wuote: "Louis Althusser began Reading Capital with the statement, 'We have all certainly read and are all reading [Marx's] Capital.' While Althusser is undoubtedly addressing here his seminar, the focus of which was precisely Marx's Capital, the sentence that follows elevates the act of reading this particular text to the status of the universal: the entire world has read and is reading Capital. Marx has been read for 'nearly a century' not only by 'us' (that is, all of us) but for us and to us even, and especially when we are not aware of it. And this paradox – that of our having read a text without knowing it – is made possible by the fact that Capital, Marx’s theoretical work, is not limited to or contained by a book or set of books. [...]"

Most Of Arctic's Near-surface Permafrost To Thaw By 2100: Over half of the Northern Hemisphere's topmost layer of permafrost could thaw by 2050 and as much as 90 percent by 2100, according to the National Center for Atmospheric Research. The thaw would alter ecosystems, damage buildings, add runoff to the Arctic Ocean, and release vast amounts of carbon.


Crowns: Portraits of Black Women in Church Hats: A book by Michael Cunningham and Craig Marberry.

Quote: >Countless black women would rather attend church naked than hatless. For these women, a church hat, flamboyant as it may be, is no mere fashion accessory; it's a cherished African American custom, one observed with boundless passion by black women of various religious denominations. A woman's hat speaks long before its wearer utters a word. It's what Deirdre Guion calls "hattitude...there's a little more strut in your carriage when you wear a nice hat. There's something special about you." If a hat says a lot about a person, it says even more about a people--the customs they observe, the symbols they prize, and the fashions they fancy.<

Hack the Google self.referentialism - Google Will Eat Itself:
>How can a dictator be funny for the people? One chance is to know how to entertain the people, while continuing to influence every decision they make, so invisibly maintaining the totalitarian power untouched.
Google's management knows very well how to entertain surfers. They are not a (totalitarian) government, but they are the first, and almost only reference for most of the internet users. Moreover they periodically announce and release new, effective (and entertaining) services. People like these services. People want them and want even more of them.
It's not a Microsoft-like type of monopoly at all. On the Google planet everything works and is easy and funny. Everything is light (as the interface) and tasty (as the images search), resource-rich (as Gmail) or fast and updated (as Google News). So the "cream" of fun and the "strawberries" of interesting results are flavouring the Google dictatorship. In fact we're talking of a monopoly, or so, in a certain number of strategical net economy sectors. The Google database is an incredibly valuable bunch of data. It's constituted by the most visited pages of the net. But they are selected through the Google's page rank algorithm. It's the paradigm of their self-referential game: the moment they had enough credibility they established the web filter criteria, and then, being the first source, they decided what the content of this source would be.
On the other hand the database of searches and the requests of other services (news, images, cheap prices, personal mail) is even much more relevant. In fact, it can be localized and statistically analyzed, and crossing locative, general and product searches, constitutes the secret dream of every Internet marketing executive.
It deals to a frightening perspective of 'profiling' the Google's users. The common perception is that Google offers chances of augmenting the personal information power in exchange of small and digestible amount of advertisement.
But all the recorded data (the queries and their respective users) are simply ignored by the users, which are hypnotized by an almost perfect virtual machine.
This funny empire has another crucial element: the advertisement. Goggle is the biggest player in the net advertisement business actually adv is its core business). Being the most visited search engine, it attracts billions of users. Their billions of eyeballs are seeing Google's pages with the above mentioned textual advertisments, that everybody can fairly buy (AdWords).
On the other end, tons of people have become "publishers" through the giant blog phenomenon. So they are entitled to share the bits of profits through the Adsense program. They accept to display this tiny text advertisment in exchange of a small amount of money for every click on them. This process is protected and monitored for preventing abuse.
The final (actual) scenario is Google as the giant middleman. It sucks money from the advertisers offering a targeted portion of the global webspace. And it gives spare changes to the publishers for their collaboration. It sucks infos from the websites (and news, images, prices) and it releases it to the user's queries. Being in the middle it is more and more the unavoidable balancing center of the system. But we're not talking about a natural systems. We're talking about business and predominance.
Google's position is predominant in the same moment it enteres a new business field with a new service. It's the Google effect: creating consensus on a new business, even if it instantly gets the predominant position.
The greatest enemy of such a giant is not another giant: it's the parasite. If enough parasitites suck small amounts of money in this self-referentialism embodiment, they will empty this artificial mountain of data and its inner risk of digital totalitarianism.<
(Text by Alessandro Ludovico feat. UBERMORGEN.COM vs. Paolo Cirio)

Are We Too Hung Up On Acoustics? Music lovers, critics and writers worry too much about acoustics: The ear and the mind connected to it have marvelous powers to adjust to less-than-perfect environments. Quote: "Music lovers, critics and writers worry too much about acoustics. Truly bad acoustics - whether you hear too little or too much - cannot be ignored, but the imperfect world that lingers between the two extremes just has to be dealt with. The hall is too bright (Walt Disney in Los Angeles); the hall is dead (Royal Festival Hall in London). There are devils everywhere intent on spoiling your listening pleasure. Go to concerts, and hear people cough and cellphones ring. Stay at home, and your CD player skips or an ambulance goes by the door. Relax. Rise above it."

Italy has army of exorcists: Quote: "Italy's leading exorcist said on Thursday there were up to 330 priests practising the Vatican-approved procedures for casting out the Devil all over the country. In the Catholic Church exorcists must be priests and they have to be given a sort of 'licence' to perform the special rites by their local bishop. Father Gabriele Amorth, founder and head of an international association of exorcists, said there were no official figures for Italy but he reckoned the number was between 300 and 330."

Decoding of Mammoth Genome Might Lead to Resurrection: Quote: "We were stunned. Once you successfully sequence a genome, there are a million interesting questions one can begin to address. More importantly our discovery means that recreating extinct hybrid animals is theoretically possible."

God: That Peculiarly American Obsession: Quote: "If anyone still requires proof of the gulf of difference between the US and everywhere else, look no further than the current storm-in-a-cappuccino about The Chronicles of Narnia. For weeks, it seems, there have been spats in the papers about C.S. Lewis' classic children's fantasy series, the first instalment of which has just been adapted as a lush blockbuster by Andrew Adamson, who directed the Shrek films, for Disney. The storm is over religion. C.S. Lewis had it; the Americans have a lot of it; the rest of us don't, supposedly, or at least we don't like to put a hat on it and give it a ticker-tape parade."

Scramjet missile powered by jet fuel: The first jet fuel scramjet makes its maiden free flight and reaches speeds of Mach 5.5.

Unwed Numbers: The mathematics of Sudoku, a puzzle that boasts "No math required!"

I Got My Degree At... Wikiversity? Members of the Wikipedia community are proposing the creation of a Wikiversity. "It's not clear exactly how extensive Wikiversity would be. Some think it should serve only as a repository for educational materials; others think it should also play host to online courses; and still others want it to offer degrees."

Researchers Identify Human Skin Color Gene: Ten years ago researchers embarked on a study of zebrafish--a quick breeding aquarium pet. While searching for cancer causing genes, they ended up isolating the gene that makes European skin white, thanks to the golden variant of the fish.

monochrom linkup // TV Snow and Poltergeist: The wonderful folks at metaphilm linked my comment on talk and noise.

monochrom content update // Gastro-Art: In gastronomical enterprises the management frequently elects to present art as a form of extraordinary room decoration. Some time ago we at monochrom have decided to dedicate a page to the breathtaking world of 'gastro-art'. And there are some excellent new gastro-art picture submissions.


monochrom interview // About work... and water cycles: A conversation with German researcher Hans-Joachim Rieseberg, first published in monochrom issue #11-14 1/2.
I thought it would be good to refer to this interview again, taking into account the current discussions about floodings in Europe, the New Orleans disaster and the talks about climate change/non-climate change.
Quote: "Basically, all catastrophes that we are experiencing these days are easy to describe. We have dried out all swamps, we have cleared the upper regions of rivers, and we have speeded up the exertion of nutrients from the ground. We made the water flow. A sustainable ecological system builds on stable water, not flowing water. This is how we have changed the climate. Our team (we are a few people) is already able describe how the sum of individual effects from local areas are the cause for the climate changes, instead of global causes. This is a different point of view. The general perspective until now was that of global warming, etc., which is only a rather small part. The big changes in climate that are a result of the interplay on the planetary surface, meaning between water, earth, plants, animals, and farming."

Delivering Earth's First Comet: Stardust's voyage in space is near its end, but its cargo - the world's first cometary and interstellar dust samples - has begun its two year journey on Earth, which ends on a cold early morning on the floor of a frozen dry lakebed. After successfully collecting particles of Comet Wild 2 on Jan. 2, 2004, Stardust's Sample Return Capsule reenters Earth's atmosphere and parachutes through the darkened sky on Jan. 15, 2006.

The Rock Star's Burden: Africa has become a theater of empty talk and public gestures, says former Peace Corps volunteer Paul Theroux. Celebrities and charity concerts will not save the continent.

Virtual Economics: Quote: "Millions of people now spend several hours a week immersed in 'massively multiplayer online role-playing games' (MMORPGs). These are often Tolkienesque fantasy worlds in which players battle monsters, go on quests, and build up their virtual power and wealth. Some synthetic worlds are deliberately escapist; others are designed to be as lifelike and realistic as possible. Many have a strong libertarian bent." But there's another side to this: economics.

The Gates of Jurassic Park:

A spectacular critique or a mere spectacle?

monochrom content online // Counter Culture Hour, guest: monochrom: Quote: "Welcome to our first podcast with host, V. Vale. This episode features Johannes Grenzfurthner from the Austrian performance group, monochrom. The video of this show aired on Channel 29 in San Francisco in 2005."


monochrom content update // ARAD-II: Miami Beach crisis averted, patient dead.


NIST Physicists Coax Six Atoms Into Quantum "Schrödinger's Cat" State:

Scientists at the Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have coaxed six atoms into spinning together in two opposite directions at the same time, a so-called Schrödinger "cat" state that obeys the unusual laws of quantum physics. The ambitious choreography could be useful in applications such as quantum computing and cryptography, as well as ultra-sensitive measurement techniques, all of which rely on exquisite control of nature's smallest particles.

Juju Craze Sweeps Across Africa: Judging by the number of advertisements placed by sangomas offering their services and several other self-styled magicians, there is no doubt that African beliefs have slowly been turned into marketable commodities. Everything from magic herbs to ritual murder is available.

God isn't big enough for some people: By Umberto Eco. Intro: "We are now approaching the critical time of the year for shops and supermarkets: the month before Christmas is the four weeks when stores of all kinds sell their products fastest. Father Christmas means one thing to children: presents. He has no connection with the original St Nicholas, who performed a miracle in providing dowries for three poor sisters, thereby enabling them to marry and escape a life of prostitution."

Save Venice By Flooding Her? Presented last week to city leaders, the $117-million project would involve injecting seawater under Venice to raise it 30 centimeters (12 inches) in 10 years. "Our hypothesis entails drilling 12 holes, each 30 centimeters wide and 700 meters long, within a 10-kilometer radius around the city. Each hole will pump seawater into the ground beneath Venice. At 700 meters below ground there are sand formations saturated 100 percent with water, which will expand if we put more in. This would generate an increase in volume and the raising of the floor."

Dig: A google maps application that lets you see where you would end up if you dug a hole through the earth.

monochrom short film presentation // monochrom is part of Experience Experiment 2005:

Info: "If December is a month of celebration, what better than to celebrate the spirit of creative play? Experience Experiment 2005 brings together virtuoso experimentalists from Los Angeles and Vienna. We turn the tables on what has burned the names of these cities into the imagination worldwide. Vienna is a city of music and L.A. the capital of the moving image, but what happens when Vienna's leading experimental video artists meet some of L.A.'s most progressive DJs and producers. Show up to find out, sample traditional warm mulled wine or "Gluehwein" and make yourself part of the celebration."
monochrom will show a couple of short films.
Saturday, December 3; Experience Experiment 2005; @ Hangar 1018 / Los Angeles.

New monochrom content // ARAD-II Miami Beach Crisis: Art Basel Miami Beach Outbreak: In mid-november of 2005, Guenther Friesinger visited the Ulaangom Biennial in the Republic of Mongolia. Guenther was representing the group 'monochrom' at the festival where he held two lectures and took care of a small monochrom exhibition. After returning to the capital of Mogolia he directly departed to Miami to attend some meetings at Art Basel Miami Beach.
There is acute evidence that he is carrying a rare, but highly contaigent sub-form of the Arad-II Virus (Onoviridae family), of which Freiburg virus is also a member. Arad-II is a trigger of Morbus Gamow-Shapley disease. Of the approximate 1,500 identified Arad-II cases worldwide, nearly all of the patients have died in a state of mental aberration.
Our biosquad unit is in contact with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and a team of experts, including Dr. Van Junzt.

We want to find all the people that Guenther Friesinger smalltalked to and handshaked with. We want to retrieve and destroy the business cards he has spread. Additionally we must take him into custody and in the event of his death cremation is absolutely necessary. Time is running out. Please help us.
For further information and vaccination, please visit our center at sixspace at Art Aqua/Aqua Hotel (1530 Collins Ave.), Room 220.
Contact: +1 305.538.4361 / Room 220.

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monochrom is an art-technology-philosophy group having its seat in Vienna and Zeta Draconis. monochrom is an unpeculiar mixture of proto-aesthetic fringe work, pop attitude, subcultural science, context hacking and political activism. Our mission is conducted everywhere, but first and foremost in culture-archeological digs into the seats (and pockets) of ideology and entertainment. monochrom has existed in this (and almost every other) form since 1993.

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Soviet Unterzoegersdorf / Sector 2 / The Adventure Game

Climate Training Camp

Krach der Roboter: Hello World!

Slacking is killing the DIY industry (T-Shirt)

Carefully Selected Moments / CD, LP

Freedom is a whore of a word (T-Shirt)


International Year of Polytheism 2007

Santa Claus Vs. Christkindl: A Mobster Battle

Could It Be (Video clip)

Pot Tin God

Hacking the Spaces

Kiki and Bubu and The Shift / Short film

Kiki and Bubu and The Privilege / Short film

Kiki and Bubu and The Self / Short film

Kiki and Bubu and The Good Plan / Short film

Kiki and Bubu and The Feelings / Short film / Short film

Sculpture Mobs

Nazi Petting Zoo / Short film

The Great Firewall of China

KPMG / Short film

The BRAICIN / Short film

Soviet Unterzoegersdorf / Sector 1 / The Adventure Game

I was a copyright infringement in a previous life (T-Shirt)

Brave New Pong

Leben ist LARPen e.V.

One Minute / Short film

Firing Squad Euro2008 Intervention


A tribute to Honzo

Lessig ist lässig

I can count every star in the heavens above -- The image of computers in popular music

All Tomorrow's Condensations / Puppet show

Bye Bye / Short film


PC/DC patch

Proto-Melodic Comment Squad


The Redro Loitzl Story / Short film

Hax0rcise SCO

Law and Second Order (T-Shirt)

They really kicked you out of the Situationist International?

Death Special: Falco

Applicant Fisch / Short film

When I was asked to write about new economy

Taugshow #6

Taugshow #7

Taugshow #9

Taugshow #10

Taugshow #11

Taugshow #14

Taugshow #15

Campfire at Will

Arse Elektronika 2007, 2008, 2009 etc.

The Void's Foaming Ebb / Short film

Remoting Future

When you / Short film


Free Bariumnitrate

Toyps / Typing Errors

ARAD-II Miami Beach Crisis

The Charcoal Burner / Short film

Digital Culture In Brazil


Nation of Zombia

Lonely Planet Guide action

CSI Oven Cloth

Dept. of Applied Office Arts

Farewell to Overhead

Google Buttplug

Fieldrecording in Sankt Wechselberg / Short film

Dark Dune Spots

Campaign For The Abolition Of Personal Pronouns


Space Tourism

In the Head of the Gardener

Entertainment (Unterhaltung) / Short film

Cthulhu Goatse

Nicholas Negroponte Memorial Cable

Coke Light Art Edition 06

Experience the Experience! (West Coast USA/Canada Tour 2005)

April 23

Overhead Cumshot

Irark / Short film


Instant Blitz Copy Fight

A Patriotic Fireman

A Micro Graphic Novel Project

Noise and Talk

The Exhilarator


SUZOeG Training / Short film

The Flower Currency


A Holiday in Soviet Unterzoegersdorf

How does the Internet work?

Paraflows 2006 and up

Special Forces

Coca Cola

About Work

Turing Train Terminal

Me / Short Film

Massive Multiplayer Thumb-Wrestling Network


Some Code To Die For

The Year Wrap-up

Soviet Unterzoegersdorf Metroblogging

Project Mendel

Display, Retry, Fail

Manifesto of Ignorantism


Towers of Hanoi



Every Five Seconds an Inkjet Printer Dies Somewhere




We know apocalypses

452 x 157 cm² global durability

A Good Haul

Blattoptera / Art for Cockroaches

Minus 24x

Gladiator / Short Film


An attempt to emulate an attempt

Paschal Duct-Taping

Laptop Crochetication


Somewhere in the 1930s

Soul Sale

The Department for Criticism against Globalisation

Dot Smoke

Georg Paul Thomann

Nurgel Staring

War On

Let's network it out


Mackerel Fiddlers


Disney vs. Chrusov / Short film

Bulk Mail

Easter Celebrations

Mouse Over Matter

Condolence for a Crab

Force Sting

Turning Threshold Countries Into Plows


A Noise

A. C. A.

Hopping Overland

Achy Breaky Heart Campaign

Hermeneutic Imperative III

Holy Water / Franchise

Roböxotica // Festival for Cocktail-Robotics


Engine Hood Cookies


The Watch

Creative Industry 2003

This World

Cracked Foundation For The Fine Arts

Sometimes I feel

Fit with INRI

Growing Money

Catapulting Wireless Devices

Buried Alive

Illegal Space Race

Magnetism Party

Brick of Coke

1 Baud

Scrota Contra Vota

Direct Intervention Engine

Oh my God, they use a history which repeats itself! (T-Shirt)


Dorkbot Vienna