A Hippyesque Post-Hippie Approach To Changing the World
(monochrom, Ian Grigg and friends invite you)

A project to explore a value exchange system, created and owned by children, to enable artists to collaborate on the creation of interdisciplinary art works.

Picking Flowers with Children
(April 17, 2005; Start at 1 PM at monochrom space, MQ Vienna)

Pictures of the Flower Picking
(Some photographs of picking and pressing flowers,
April 17, 2005)

Flower Picking in Amstetten, Lower Austria / Part 1
(May 20, 2006; Start at Amstetten Main Square)

Flower Laminating in Amstetten, Lower Austria / Part 2
(November 25, 2006; 4 PM at Cafe Kuckuck)


Sing along Song
(A song for picking money)

"Flowers" (MP3, English)
(Music by Matthias Kertal, Release: 23 November 2005)

Alternative Currencies?
(Short background information)

(Our email address)

Stefan Lutschinger, Evelyn Fuerlinger, Johannes Grenzfurthner, David Bovill, Guenther Friesinger