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International Year Of Polytheism: Alan Moore and Polytheism 
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Peter Schlager -- a supporter of the "International Year Of Polytheism" -- transmits us his statement about Alan Moore and Polytheism.


The Teenar 

A guitar shaped like a little girl? that is weird in so many ways. I wonder if Aerosmith or Keith Richards would go on stage with that... Probably it is an artistic comment on the guitar / girl symbolism encorporated and performed regularly if unconsciously by metal guitarists all around the world. Judge for yourself.

monochrom: Apple Song 
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The wonderful folks at RE/Search filmed our "Apple Song" at Dorkbot SF (February 19, 2007)


Eat A Persimmon For Zeus 
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We ate persimmons for Zeus!



Rubikubism is wonderful art combining the aesthetics of early digital art with the geekdom of the Rubik's cube. No, it is not retro. Geeks are never retro - these for instance never left the Eighties.

House extends like a turtle 

It my look like the turtle in Michael Ende's "Neverending Story" and all the fur on the roof gives me the creeps, but the overall idea of woodconstruction is pretty cool.

International Year Of Polytheism: Eat A Persimmon For Zeus 
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A Persimmon is variety of species of trees of the genus Diospyros, and the edible fruit borne by them. The most widely cultivated species is Diospyros kaki. The fruit is very sweet to the taste with a soft to occasionally fibrous texture. Cultivation of the fruit started in parts of East Asia, and was later introduced to California.

Diospyros kaki translates as "The Fruit of Zeus".

Zeus, is (or was) the king of the gods, the ruler of Mount Olympus, and god of the sky and thunder, in Greek mythology. His symbols are (or were) the thunderbolt, bull, eagle and the oak. When the world was divided in three, Hades received the underworld, Poseidon the sea, and Zeus the sky.

We want to honor Zeus!

We want to moan about the dreadful non-divisional monotheistic singularity! Long enough we were dominated by the concept of the God of the Abrahamic religions and/or the Platonic concept of God as put forward by Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite!

We want to eat persimmons for Zeus! In anger!

Join the force! Eat his fruit! Get a certificate!

Los Angeles, California.
Sidewalk @ 4810 Sunset Boulevard. February 23, 2007; 1 PM- 1:30 PM.

Dorkbot SF pictures 
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Scott Beale posted excellent pictures of a great Dorkbot San Francisco gathering (February 19, 2007) where we presented a couple of our projects.


International Year Of Polytheism: Still Touring! 
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Tons of new information on the blog of the "International Year Of Polytheism". Seamus Kealy sent us his favourite deities, we tried to talk with Lucasfilm as well as Google and scouted around Yosemite.


monochrom: "When I was asked to write about new economy" 
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We at monochrom were asked to write an article about "New Economy" for the print magazine of an Austrian internet service provider. Well, monochrom member Frank Apunkt Schneider sat down and wrote a short essay.
New economy and neo-liberalism are commonly used terms that are meant to describe certain ways of change in professional (working) life. As buzzwords they omit all pressures to analyse what they are meant to describe. This text, too, will not discuss them in a useful way, as it has to satisfy the crypto-neoliberal demand of "readability, fluffy, so please no academic language" (to quote the commissioning E-Mail sent to me). So let us indeed stick with the desirably vague; neo-liberalism describes what it is commonly understood as, or not. In any case: The fundamental change that these buzzwords are meant to describe really describes the change in work terminology. [...]"

So, if you are interested, please follow the...

Google Buttplug 
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Emerging Markets.

(Photo / Silicon Valley / February 2007)


The Cracked ambience: new and recommended sounds for your living ambience 

monochrom @ Dorkbot San Francisco 
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monochrom will be presenting a couple of ideas at Dorkbot San Francisco. Thanx for the invitation, Karen Marcelo!

7:30pm Monday
19 February 2007
Place: Encounter Studios, 555 DeHaro Suite 120, San Francisco, CA (Google Map).


Laughing Squid posts pictures of Taugshow #10 
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Scott Beale of Laughing Squid posted some excellent pictures of the Taugshow #10 recording at Exploratorium.

He lists a couple of other streams:
Lori Dorn
Violet Blue
Karen Marcelo
Ian Baker
Rubin Starset

Yours truly, the author of this text, doesn't know how to start this blog-entry because he's so fucking excited, so let's just keep it simple: Spike Jonze is the creative director of vbstv, an online tv-project by Vice Magazine.

It's got shows on travelling, music, skateboarding, the famed do's and dont's, and, as I just found out, a talkshow called Soft Focus (love it!) hosted by none other than Ian Svenonius of Nation Of Ulysses, Make-Up and Weird War fame.

The first guest he interviews in front of a live audience is Ian Mackaye, and if you didn't understand anything I just said in the previous sentences, you probably wouldn't care to know who he is anyway, so I won't tell you. Those who know will know. In any case, have a looky at this website, it's going to blow the backdoors off 2007.


First reports and pictures of 'Premature Burial As A Field Trial For Near Death Activities' 
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First pictures and blog reports about Wednesday's 'Premature Burial As A Field Trial For Near Death Activities' are online. The second ritualistic proceeding in the 'International Year Of Polytheism' was a huge success, at least in terms of efficiency.


Kal Spelletich @ Roboexotica 2006 
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Robot artist Kal Spelletich gave a talk at our festival Roboexotica in 2006. Our co-host Magnus Wurzer (of Shifz) edited a short version of the talk and put it online.


Laughing Squid and Bruce Sterling feature Taugshow #10 
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Sunday, February 11, we'll record Taugshow #10 at San Francisco's Exploratorium.

Laughing Squid and Bruce Sterling blogged it.

If you want to attend the show, please call our hotline (you can the phone number here).

Torontoist announced 'Premature Burial' 
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Torontoist runs a story announcing our burial procedure.

The Cracked Ambience: new and recommended sounds for your personal space 

monochrom's Monotheism Watch: Funeral Music For The Masses? 
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A selection of funeral songs we picked for International Year Of Polytheism #2: 'Premature Burial As A Field Trial For Near Death Activities'.
All of them are of monotheistic origin.
Know your musical enemy.

Link (MP3s)

corporate jets everywhere 
The "corporate jet heaven" over Miami after the Super Bowl.

Link (via Robert Scoble's link blog)

inconvenient truth visuals 
WoWKodos writes:
I was tired of not being able to find images on the web to the data that Al Gore used in his movie An Inconvenient Truth. So after I purchased the DVD, I set about to capture most of the graphical images in the film. Hopefully this will help others who wish to link to this compelling data.
Link (via infosthetics.com)

Toronto Star Reports About 'Premature Burial' / Update 
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More news about our article in Toronto Star.

Prominent picture.

(Click to enlarge.)

Daniel Fabry, monochrom: Dressman of Death.

Premature Burial: Alarm Raised! 
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A manifestation of concern (e.g. art and garbage) is published online.

"Alarm raised over burial performance"
A University of Toronto staff member is protesting that the experience of Austrian art collective monochrom's performance piece "#2: Premature Burial as a Field Trial for Near Death Activities" may be too extreme for some volunteer participants.

The live art piece, to be performed tomorrow at the University of Toronto at Mississauga's Blackwood Gallery, buries volunteers in a coffin for up to 15 minutes.

Elizabeth Olszewska, community outreach co-ordinator in UTM's psychology department, says she was shocked when she received an email from the gallery inviting faculty, staff and students to get buried alive.


The Austrian art collective claims that in these conditions, someone would be able to last in the coffin for days.


"There is art and garbage. Everything that brings me down is garbage, it's not the type of art I would like to be involved in," she says.
More info

Toronto Star Reports About 'Premature Burial As A Field Trial For Near Death Activities' 
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Toronto Star prints a story about monochrom and our 'Premature Burial As A Field Trial For Near Death Activities'.

Article: "How to be buried alive".
It's not often that you get to shake the hand of the person who buries your coffin.

Johannes Grenzfurthner, one of nine members of an Austrian art collective called monochrom, greets me at the Blackwood Gallery on the campus of the University of Toronto at Mississauga.

His first words: "I am going to bury you today."

(Image Courtesy: Tara Walton / Toronto Star.)

More info

Eye Weekly Reports About 'Premature Burial As A Field Trial For Near Death Activities' 
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Toronto's Eye Weekly runs a story about monochrom and our 'Premature Burial As A Field Trial For Near Death Activities'.

(Click to enlarge)

More info

monochrom's International Year Of Polytheism: Get Buried Alive! 
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Premature Burial As A Field Trial For Near Death Activities

The people present will have an opportunity to be buried alive in a coffin for fifteen minutes. Volunteers will be able to experience a semi-traumatic situation and possibly get in close contact with various gods and/or afterlives.
As a framework program there will be lectures about the history of the science of determining death and the medical cultural history of "buried alive". People buried alive not only populate the horror stories of past centuries, but also countless reports in specialized medical literature. The theme of unintentional resurrection by grave robbers also runs through forensic protocols. Even in the 19th century it was said that every tenth person was buried alive.

February 7, 2007. Blackwood Gallery, Mississauga/University Toronto, Canada.

Detailled info:
The Austrian collective monochrom invites you to be buried alive in a private graveyard at the Blackwood Gallery on Wednesday February 7, 2007 from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm, and again from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

Free shuttle buses

#1) Hart House University of Toronto, 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto departing at 3:00 pm (returning at 6:00 pm)

#2) Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen Street West, Toronto departing at 6:00 pm (returning at 9:00 pm)

Link 1
Link 2

monochrom lecture at Sheridan College 
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We'll soon give a talk at Sheridan College (near Toronto, Ontario).

Tuesday February 6, 2007
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
@ Sheridan College
Art & Art History
1430 Trafalgar Road
Oakville, Ontario L6H 2H1
room B125


Right To Life 
Only granted by...

"To Be Matter" > The Edge of Surrealism 
'The Edge of Surrealism' is an essential introduction to the writing of French social theorist Roger Caillois. Caillois was part of the Surrealist avant-garde and in the 1930s founded the College of Sociology with Georges Bataille and Michel Leiris. He spent his life exploring issues raised by this famous group and by Surrealism itself. Though his subjects were diverse, Caillois focused on concerns crucial to modern intellectual life, and his essays offer a unique perspective on many of twentieth-century France's most significant intellectual movements and figures.

"To be matter" is a review of 'The Edge of Surrealism' published in 'Radical Philosophy'.

(Claudine Frank, ed., The Edge of Surrealism: A Roger Caillois Reader, Duke University Press, Durham NC, 2003.)

Dig Deeper To Find Martian Life 
A UCL-led study has found that probes designed to find life on Mars do not drill deep enough to find the living cells that scientists believe may exist well below the surface. Although current drills may find essential tell-tale signs that life once existed on Mars, cellular life could not survive the radiation levels for long enough any closer to the surface of Mars than a few metres deep - beyond the reach of even state-of-the-art drills.
Lead author Mr Lewis Dartnell said: "Finding hints that life once existed – proteins, DNA fragments or fossils - would be a major discovery in itself, but the Holy Grail for astrobiologists is finding a living cell that we can warm up, feed nutrients and reawaken for studying. It just isn't plausible that dormant life is still surviving in the near-subsurface of Mars - within the first couple of metres below the surface – in the face of the ionizing radiation field. Finding life on Mars depends on liquid water surfacing on Mars, but the last time liquid water was widespread on Mars was billions of years ago. Even the hardiest cells we know of could not possibly survive the cosmic radiation levels near the surface of Mars for that long."

Roboexotica @ Wired Print 
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Almost forgot to blog it... Wired Magazine published a small but nice article by Liz Cole about Roboexotica, the festival for cocktail robotics we are hosting together with Shifz.

You can find it in the January print issue of Wired.
Link (JPEG)

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