ladies and gentlemen,

the following is a hedonistic transterrestrial experiment:

monochrom has asked an indefinite number of people to set up call forwarding.
why? for the purpose of creating a global chain.

hopping overland

we call person x (within a ten-mile radius), person x forwards the call to person y (again within a ten-mile radius), and so forth. ideally going west along the same latitude. the chain may arrive anywhere.

sodom & gomorra could have been saved from destruction by ONE good person. but thus speaks the lord in 1999: show me 4000 honest and good people with reliable telephone companies and let them form a chain going around the whole wOrld. THEN will i spare the world for another millennium. and whosoever lacks faith and who does not accept the busy signal as proof of the mystical union of the 4000, may they turn into a pillar of salt.

the message after jerusalem and the tower of babel. the MESSAGE goes around the world and with every border of every country it is newly translated. and the farther it travels from its origin, the vaguer the intention of the whole endeavor becomes. legends form. dial codes are mixed up. destination austria? australia? numbers vanish. others are invented. people no longer answer, therefore the MESSAGE is passed on to more people. separations occur. the line branches and meanders aimlessly through different countries. after 5000 kilometers all that is left of the purpose is pure speculation. local feedback loops develop in the forwarding network. the clock ticks, the apocalypse looms. unscrupulous persons start using the altruistic network for long-distance calls at local rates. countless sectarian groups claim THEY were the beginning of the chain and purposely spread misinformation. the year 2000: god pushes the red button.
monochrom has not saved the world.

or has it?

capital will like it.

inquiries here.