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Jody Martin (LACM) has communicated to humanity this video of a tragic confrontation between robotics and undersea life forms.

At a depth of approximately 1,800 meters, a repair robot is working on a pipeline. Here it is seen sawing a 3-mm-wide slit. The pressure inside the pipe is 0 psi (0 bar), while the pressure outside is 2,700 psi (186.16 bar), i.e. 200 kg/cm2 (1.3 tons/ft2). During this procedure a crab comes into the picture.

>>> The tragic document // MPEG, 1.8 MB

We were deeply moved by this encounter and have thus decided to set up an online condolence book and forward the most touching entries to Dean Pentcheff from the Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles.

Condolence Book