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Version: April 20th, 2004

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Georg Paul Thomann (AC:Collaborative)

Obituary: Prof. Georg Paul Thomann
- OTS/APA, July 21, 2005
- Funeral, July 29, 2005
- Death Announcement
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The Taiwan Incident (monochrom/A. L. Findeisen 2002/03)

Sao Paulo Biennale 2002:
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Info about Thomann Monography:
"Who shot Immanence?"

monochroms Sao Paulo Diary (german)

Maybe of interest for Thomann fans: Tonki Gebauer

"Self-Portrait As A Copied Schilling-Euro Converter"
by Georg Paul Thomann, 2001
Xerox on Carton (40x25 cm)

"Is it possible for a single person to actually represent a whole country? The Austrian pavillion curator Zdenka Badovinac, found a creative response to this question by selecting an impossible artist named Georg P. Thomann [and some friends of him], a complete invention faked by the Austrian monochrom group. Through the implementation of this ironic mechanism - even the catalogue includes the biography of the non-existent artist - both the curator and the group solved with pure fiction the philosophical and bureaucratic dilemma usually attached to the system of representation. (And fiction always is, I definitely believe, the best strategy art can employ.)"
(Eva Grinstein in "Flash Art", Mai/Juni 2002)

"After all, nearly everyone in Vienna knows that I really do exist. Anyone who doesn't believe it should come to the Eisenbahn Café (14 Opernplatz) on Thursday next week at 2pm. I shall be eating pancakes there and reading the Kronenzeitung in the presence of a lawyer as a witness. This should be proof enough of my existence."
(G. P. Thomann, Summer 1994)

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