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Soviet Unterzoegersdorf officials respond to "terrorist training video" featured on Boing Boing TV 
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Boing Boing TV presents a "Soviet Unterzoegersdorf Terrorist Training Video".

But there is already an official reaction by Soviet Unterzoegersdorf blogging officer G. Moloshnikov.
Comrades all over the world!

I still shiver! My heart is filled with universal anger!
Something unspeakable happened!

Again, the mainstream online media outlet "Boing Boing TV" reports about the diplomatic visit of His Excellency Ambassador Nikita Chrusov to the "United States"! Just a friendly vacation trip!
And they label it as "Terrorist Training!"
What an unforgivable insult!

They cut a nice little color holiday film of 12 hours and 35 seconds down to a mere 4 minutes in black and white! Completely out of context, the Ambassador and his secretary look like incapable imbeciles! And moreover, they pretend that they cracked our glorious cypher! This is a LIE! Data engineer [NAMEENCODED] told me that they will never break the code:
"They will never break the code, Sir Blogging Officer Sir!"

Instead they add silly jokes and silly American (!) cats!
I curse those Westerners and their weak immune system! They think they can insult us in their stupid comments and hide behind liberal pseudonyms, but they wet their pants when they hear "universal healthcare!" Stupid assholes!

This video is an incredible symbolic assault!
Fight the great fight of ignoring that crap!
Saw off the Society of the Spectacle!
Boing Boing Link
Soviet Unterzoegersdorf Reaction

Arse Elektronika 2008 on Boing Boing 
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Cory Doctorow reminds all the internet people about our Call for Papers for Arse Elektronika 2008.

"First they twitter, later they shit on your head" // monochrom @ re:publica, Berlin 
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monochrom performance in Berlin.
April 3, 2008; 8 PM.


The anti-God squad dominates the sales charts... 
An atmosphere of moral panic surrounds religion. Viewed not so long ago as a relic of superstition whose role in society was steadily declining, it is now demonised as the cause of many of the world's worst evils. As a result, there has been a sudden explosion in the literature of proselytising atheism. A few years ago, it was difficult to persuade commercial publishers even to think of bringing out books on religion. Today, tracts against religion can be enormous money-spinners, with Richard Dawkins's The God Delusion and Christopher Hitchens's God Is Not Great selling in the hundreds of thousands. For the first time in generations, scientists and philosophers, high-profile novelists and journalists are debating whether religion has a future. The intellectual traffic is not all one-way. There have been counterblasts for believers, such as The Dawkins Delusion? by the British theologian Alister McGrath and The Secular Age by the Canadian Catholic philosopher Charles Taylor. On the whole, however, the anti-God squad has dominated the sales charts, and it is worth asking why. [...]

2008 Ten Worst Places To Be Black 
By Bruce Dixon.
In this year of symbolic optimism, when a black man is a leading contender in the presidential race—as well as being a leading recipient of contributions from Wall Street, big insurance, and military contractors—the need to describe life as it is actually lived by millions of African Americans has never been greater.

Although our black presidential candidate would have us believe that African Americans are, as he has said many times, "90 percent of the way" to freedom, justice, and true equality, the facts seem to say otherwise. As recently as 1964, a majority of all U.S. prisoners were white men. But since 1988—the year Vice President George H.W. Bush rode to the White House stoking white fears with an ad campaign featuring convicted black killer and rapist Willie Horton—the black one- eighth of America's population furnished the majority of new admissions to its prisons and jails.


Solar Storms: Ugly 
Every 11 years or so, the sun gets a little pissy. It breaks out in a rash of planet-sized sunspots that spew superhot gas, hurling clouds of electrons, protons, and heavier ions toward Earth at nearly the speed of light. These solar windstorms have been known to knock out power grids and TV broadcasts, and our growing reliance on space-based technology makes us more vulnerable than ever to their effects. On January 3, scientists discovered a reverse-polarity sunspot, signaling the start of a new cycle — and some are predicting that at its peak (in about four years) things are gonna get nasty. Here's a forecast for 2012.

Annual monochrom meeting, 2008 / Reinsberg 
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Really nice weekend in Reinsberg, Austria. Much ado. Lots of blah.

(click to start picture enlargement procedure)

The Sun Is 

Fleshbot, Laughing Squid and Regina Lynn announce Arse Elektronika 2008 
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Great to see that the blogosphere seems to be excited about Arse Elektronika 2008.

Link Fleshbot

Link Laughing Squid

Link Regina Lynn

Arse Elektronika 2008: Date and location 
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Arse Elektronika 2008 -- "Do Androids Sleep with Electric Sheep?" -- will take place at San Francisco's Ft. Mason Center. September 25 thru 28, 2008.
Exact address is
Ft. Mason Center, Bldg C, room 362
Arse Elektronika / Link

Crackdown: China's Brutal Olympic Echo 
China's crackdown against Tibetan protesters ahead of the Summer Olympics in Beijing carries with it a brutal echo from the past. Scores of people, including school children are reported dead and more repression has been promised. The People's Daily, the official newspaper of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC), said "[We must] resolutely crush the 'Tibet independence' forces' conspiracy and sabotaging activities."

Even after decades of occupation, the ruthlessness of the crackdown has shocked much of the world. It happens the week after the US State Department removed China from its list of the world's worst human rights offenders.

Kthxbai, Spirit, kthxbai! 
Spirit, the Mars Rover, left to die before its time.
The brave, unflagging Mars rover Spirit, who has lived on the Red Planet for almost four years, has been given a death sentence by the U.S. government. Right now, the little robot is resting on a sunny slope, waiting out the winter and preparing to do more tests on the Martian atmosphere. But now it looks like Spirit has rolled on its six wheels and done science experiments for the very last time. The U.S. government has forced NASA, this country's national space agency, to cut its budget by 4 million dollars. And that means only one rover, Opportunity, will survive. To say that this is a tragedy is an understatement.

The Mars rovers have been one of NASA's most proud achievements, and the information they gather today can help future planetary colonists tomorrow. While NASA is planning to land another rover on Mars within the next year, it's a shame to shut down a perfectly serviceable rover that could be supplementing what the new rover will learn.
Link (via Annalee Newitz)

Arse Elektronika 2008: Call for Sponsorship 
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We are still looking for funding and sponsorship for our sci-fi/tech/sex conference "Arse Elektronika 2008: Do Androids Sleep with Electric Sheep?"

Any interested sponsors or private "investors" out there? Hello? Hello?

I guess we still have to get our dirty hands on 5,000-10,000 USD.

What for?
Paying venue, paying plane tickets and hotels for our speakers, infrastructure.

If you want to read our "Call for Papers", you can find it here.

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to send us an e-mail. We'll be discrete.

Does a boomerang thrown in space return to its pitcher? 
The question sounds like a Zen koan, but a recent space station test proves one thing - the answer does not depend on gravity.
Does a boomerang thrown in space return to its pitcher? It does if it was thrown inside an airy environment like the International Space Station, a Japanese astronaut proved last week. But scientists say he would have had different results if he had tossed the boomerang outside the orbiting outpost.

Takao Doi, an astronaut with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, did the experiment while visiting the space station as part of NASA's latest space shuttle mission, which is scheduled to land on Wednesday.

The boomerang behaved no differently than on Earth, flying back to Doi after he threw it. "It flew just like on Earth, and I was really surprised and impressed," Doi told his wife in a chat from space, according to Japan's Mainichi Daily News.

On Borrowed Time: Urban decline moves to the suburbs 
A few months ago, about 125 leaders from religious institutions, civic organizations, and social service groups met at Etz Chaim synagogue in the town of Lombard, in DuPage County, to wrestle with a new reality: a budget crisis. Budget crises aren not supposed to happen in places like west suburban DuPage. It is home to nearly one million souls and more than 600,000 private sector jobs. It boasts a median income of $70,000, one of the highest in the nation. And yet the county, strapped for cash, was threatening to cut convalescent services, veterans’ services, housing assistance, breast cancer screening, and many other essential public functions.

New look for Eiffel Tower 
The elegant, tapering signature of the Eiffel Tower is to be reshaped, altering the skyline of Paris, in time for the structure's 120th anniversary next year, the Société d'exploitation de la Tour Eiffel (Sete) has just announced.

Serero Architects of Paris has won the competition to redesign the structure's public viewing platform and reception areas. The winning design (above), which will be 276 metres (905ft) above the ground, will not require any permanent modification of the existing structure. It will double the capacity of the public viewing area on the tower's top floor.

The new platform will be bolted onto the tower using a web of Kevlar, an extremely strong and lightweight carbon fibre used in the construction of racing cars and body armour. The new platform will use a cantilevered design similar to the way that an aircraft's wings are attached to the fuselage.


The Cracked Ambience: new and recommended sounds for your personal space 

Signs of Hidden Ocean Underneath Titan's Crust 
Slippage in Titan's rotation suggests water between its surface and core--and a higher likelihood of ancient life on Saturn's biggest moon.


The Battle To Save New Orleans Public Housing 
At a press conference last December 18 at New Orleans' City Hall, Martin Suber of the Coalition To Stop Demolition explained the purpose of the fight to stop the razing of the city's four largest public housing complexes (aka "The Big Four"): "They're using New Orleans as an experiment, to privatize schools, cut back on bus service, and knock down housing projects. That's what we're fighting against and that's why people have come from all over the country to support us."


France: The Communist Hypothesis 
Why does the spectre of May 68 still haunt French discourse? Alain Badiou on the country's longue durée sequences of restoration and revolt, and the place of Sarkozy's presidency within them. Lessons in political courage from Plato and Corneille, and a call to reassert the Manifesto's founding wager.

monochrom on Liberation's "Ecrans" 
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Ecrans is a subsite of french newspaper "Liberation", that is only about digital culture and techno geek things.

They seem to like our work. So far they wrote about our "Overhead" anthem, "myfacespace", "Soviet Unterzoegersdorf" and our general approach of context hacking.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Still blog reactions to monochrom's talk at "The Influencers" 
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Seems we did a good job.

Stefan Tiron: Romanian Manga & Forbes 
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Stefan Tiron, our former monochrom artist in residence, is featured in a great piece about Romanian Manga culture. Our good friend Cory Doctorow wrote the article for Forbes.


Les anti Big Brother contre-attaquent 
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monochrom's "myfacespace.com" is featured in a french blog report about "Big Brother Awards".

New "3-D" Camera Will Have 12,616 Lenses 
The camera you own has one main lens and produces a flat, two-dimensional photograph, whether you hold it in your hand or view it on your computer screen. On the other hand, a camera with two lenses (or two cameras placed apart from each other) can take more interesting 3-D photos.
But what if your digital camera saw the world through thousands of tiny lenses, each a miniature camera unto itself? You'd get a 2-D photo, but you'd also get something potentially more valuable: an electronic "depth map" containing the distance from the camera to every object in the picture, a kind of super 3-D.


Audrey Penven: monochrom Artist in Residence 
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Audrey Penven is our new monochrom artist in residence. Hooray!

Audrey is a photographer from San Francisco. She works with experimental techniques, physical manipulation, conceptual games, the layering of time, and historical processes.


Skateshop Opening & Photo-Exhibition 
I realise this is very short-notice, but it's definitely worth a look. The good people behind Vienna's best sneaker-store (independent sneaker-store!), Stil-Laden, have decided to open a skate-shop as well, and tonight's the opening reception. Skater-owned and sure to be top of the crop.

Also on display will be an exhibition on Vienna's most important skate-spot, the Donauinsel. If you know, you know. If you don't, come down!

Lindengasse 57
1070 Vienna


Wenzel Storch's "Speckpater" on monochrom.at 
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Wenzel Storch's wonderful autobiographical essay about the so-called "Ostpriesterhilfe" ("support for Catholic priests in the former Eastern Block") and the lebenswelt of an altar boy in postwar Germany. Sorry, only in German language.


Do Androids Sleep with Electric Sheep? // Arse Elektronika 2008 // Call For Papers 
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Arse Elektronika 2008: Do Androids Sleep with Electric Sheep?
Call for Papers


Do Androids Sleep with Electric Sheep?
Critical Perspectives on Sexuality and Pornography in Science and Social Fiction


Taking up where the successful conference in autumn 2007 left off, this year's Arse Elektronika stands under the motto "future" -- and the ways in which the present sees itself reflected in it. Maintaining a broadened perspective on technical development and technology while also putting special emphasis on its social implementation, this year's conference focuses on Science and Social Fiction.

The genre of the "fantastic" is especially well suited to the investigation of the touchy area of sexuality and pornography: actual and assumed developments are frequently depicted positively and approvingly, but just as often with dystopian admonishment. Here the classic, and continuingly valid, themes of modernism represent a clear link between the two aspects: questions of science, research and technologization are of interest, as is the complex surrounding urbanism, artificiality and control (or the loss of control). Depictions of the future, irregardless of the form they take, always address the present as well. Imaginations of the fantastic and the nightmarish give rise to a thematic overlapping of the exotic, the alienating and, of course, the pornographic/sexual as well.

In order to intelligently contextualize the abundance of queries that are involved here, this year's conference will be structured around three day-long discussion panels, each devoted to a specific theme. The impossibility of fitting many of these issues and relationships into such neat categorizations is not only accepted, but also encouraged.

Panel 1: Narration
Narrative positions and narrative media are closely linked in the treatment of the sexual and the pornographic. In the area of fantasization and its great variety of media differentiations (film, literature, computer games, etc.) this fundamental phenomenon is also expanded through the facet of a highly influential fan fiction. Submissions for this panel should deal e.g. with specific aspects of individual media, media complexes, distribution or reception.

Panel 2: Technology
Sexuality and pornography are manifestations of a social reality and are directly linked to questions of technological innovation, whereby fantasizing can also function as a motor of innovation. Submissions for this panel should deal e.g. with the present and future of technological developments, with social-technological aspects (e.g. space travel, plastic surgery, etc.) or with conditions of technologically driven development.

Panel 3: Politics
Science (and social) fiction, sexuality and pornography are often infused with colonialization strategies, conceptions of social norms and political strategies. Here the utopian, the dystopian and the xenophobic are mixed into a dangerous and interpretationally potent concoction. Submissions to this panel should deal with e.g. the juridification of the body, biopolitical standardization processes, political systems of domination and taboos surrounding interracial sex.

Submission requirements:

The 1-2 page submission, written in English, should be thematically oriented toward one of the three discussion panels. It should contain clear information regarding the methodology and up-to-dateness of the thesis it puts forth and detail the technical equipment required for the lecture's delivery. Submissions should be mailed to arse2008 AT monochrom.at no later than 2 May 2008. Organizational considerations make it impossible to take into account submissions received after this date.

Each participant's written lecture notes should reach the organizers no later than 15 September 2008, the version for publication in the proceedings of the symposium by 15 November 2008.

Arse Elektronika 2008 / Call for Papers: Link
Arse Elektronika 2007 / MP3s and abstracts: Link

Universe's most powerful blast visible to the naked eye 
The most powerful blast ever observed in the universe detonated on Wednesday. That day, a record four gamma-ray bursts were detected by NASA's Swift telescope.


Whoever's winning, it isn’t the iraqis: Iraq's lethal fieldwork 
No one doubts that the US military needs help understanding Islamic cultures. But many anthropologists object to their colleagues working with the military, especially in combat situations.

Buffon, the Enlightenment sensation 
The finest pen of his age, a giant of natural history, geometry and art: Buffon deserves to be restored.
This year marked the tercentenary of the birth of two of the greatest naturalists of the eighteenth century – the Swede Carl Linnaeus (1707–78) and the Frenchman Georges-Louis Leclerc, comte de Buffon (1707–88). In April, Linnaeus’s 300th birthday was celebrated in the scientific journals, museums put on special exhibits, newspapers published articles about his influence. But for Buffon’s birthday, in September, there were no candles on the cake. Even in France, not much fuss was made – a conference in Dijon, a few displays at the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, a flurry of publishing; and that was it.

Fame is relative – Buffon has a crater on the Moon named after him, Linnaeus does not – but while the name of the Swedish thinker should provoke a glimmer of recognition in most biology students, that of Buffon is more likely to conjure up the athletic Italian goalkeeper than the father of French natural history. This is unfortunate, as Buffon was one of the great figures of biology, and one of the publishing sensations of the Enlightenment. Buffon’s ambition was astonishing: he wanted to summarize all human knowledge about the natural world, under the title L’Histoire naturelle, which began to appear in 1749. Not surprisingly, he did not complete this mammoth exercise – he managed to publish "only" thirty-six volumes in the space of thirty-nine years, limiting his focus to mammals, birds and minerals, while a further eight volumes appeared after his death.

Otto Weininger? 
"The suicide is almost always a sadist, because he alone wants to get out of a situation and can act," according to an almost forgotten Austrian writer (and racist, antisemite and misogynist).
On 26 March 1827 one of the undisputed geniuses of Western civilization, Ludwig von Beethoven, died in his room at Schwarzspanierstrasse 15 in Vienna. Seventy-six years later the address would become famous once again for another death. In the same room on 3 October 1903, shortly after the publication of his magnum opus, Geschlecht und Charakter (Sex and Character), the 23-year-old Austrian philosopher Otto Weininger shot himself in the chest. He was found the next morning, fully clothed and covered in blood, and was taken to hospital but died soon after. Weininger had only recently returned from Italy, where he had gone for a holiday, after completing the work for which, if at all, he is remembered today. That he banked a great deal on the book's reception is evident from a remark he made to a friend shortly after finishing it. "There are three possibilities for me," he declared. "The gallows, suicide, or a future so brilliant that I don't dare to think of it." What actually happened can be seen as a self-fulfilled prophecy. Weininger had expected his work to excite critical acclaim, and while it was cordially received, it failed to make the stir he had hoped for. Disappointed in his masterpiece's reception, and troubled by his own depressions, Weininger, who considered himself a kind of 'Redeemer', decided to end his life where one of his greatest heroes had ended his, thus forging a link between Beethoven's genius and his own, genius in general and his own in particular being one of Weininger's central themes.

Global warming myth eroding environmental movement? 
The global warming myth is a powerful tool of co-optation that has even eroded one of the most fertile grounds of political activism: the environmental movement.
Link (thanx, Evelyn Fürlinger!)

monochrom's Invertebrate Trachea Easter Sunday 
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March 23 is monochrom's Invertebrate Trachea Easter Sunday! See radioactive material! See a Geiger counter! See "Them!", a wonderful monster film noir from 1954.
The Trinity nuclear test transforms regular ants into giant formic acid atrocities!
This is not pure chance! It is a sign!

monochrom's Invertebrate Trachea Easter Sunday is part of "Projektion" project -- but this time in English language.

March 23, 8 PM @ Raum D, Museumsquartier, Vienna.

Geek Entertainment TV: ETech, feat. monochrom 
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O'Reilly's Emerging Technology conference is often ground zero for useful and meaningful tech stuff and the geeks who invent these things. In 2004, Flickr debuted here. In 2008, many DIY projects bloom, such as Socialbomb, ariel drones, binary LED watches, modular programmable open source gadgets and cheap open source robots. We talk to a few of their inventors.

Episode links: ETech 2008, Socialbomb, Nate True, Bre Pettis, monochrom, IPRE, Bug Labs, EFF Pioneer Awards, Mark Klein

Are you human? 
Want to join the "Quantum Random Bit Generator Service"? Well...
Just to prove you are a human, please answer the following math challenge.
d/dx (3*sin(2*x + pi/2) + 3*cos(4*x - pi/2)) @ x=2*pi
Link (thanx, Boris Kamenik)

Metroblogging LA: Corporate Anthems 
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Tonight! Corporate Anthems!

If you don't already have super St. Patrick's Day plans for this evening then you definitely want to head to Machine Project to check out Johannes from Monochrom talking about (and probably singing) the history and future of corporate anthems. If you are familiar with any of the above you know it'll totally be worth it, if you aren't, well you'll have to take my word on the fact that it will be damn amusing.

The Cracked Ambience: new and recommended sounds for your personal space 

BB recommends "Corporate Anthem" talk 
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To do in LA: "Corporate Anthem" talk by Johannes from monochrom

Soviet Unterzoegersdorf: Operation Retrieval 
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His Excellency the Ambassador of the People's Republic of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf -- Nikita Chrusov -- and his Secretary Nicolai Jossif Malkin are currently executing "Operation Retrieval".


Updates: soon!

monochrom's Innermost Unifier @ Machine Project, Los Angeles 
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Johannes Grenzfurthner will present a talk/audio performance @ Machine Project, Los Angeles; March 17, 2008; 8 PM
The Innermost Unifier: Today it's the Corporate Anthem
A talk/audio performance by Johannes Grenzfurthner, monochrom (Vienna, Austria)

Using different historical and current examples (especially from the area of the hardware/software-industry), Johannes Grenzfurthner gives a theoretical and applied - and not unamusing - overview on the musical genre of corporate anthems.

Come and sing along. Powernapping is welcome, too.


German Movie-Posters (Ugly Dept.) 
"Die grässlichsten Filmplakate aller Zeiten" (The Ugliest Movie-Posters Of All Time) may be an exaggeration because I'm sure there's more out there, but this is a pretty entertaining cross-section of 70s and 80s design-horrors. I actually believe some of the posters are pretty well done, it's just the thought of having to watch those movies that makes me shiver!

Coverage of Nikita Chrusov Crashing Disney Party at ETech 
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Laughing Squid reports!

Falco in D.C. 
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The city of Washington D.C. has followed San Francisco's example by dedicating a grand staircase to Falco. These stairs overlook the Potomac behind the Lincoln Memorial. Mr. Lincoln would be proud.

The city remembrance society hereby dedicates this staircase to Falco, the most recognized Austrian composer of the twentieth century. 1958-1998.

Keep track of the Falcostiege movement here:

Disney vs. Chrusov on Boing Boing TV 
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Boing Boing TV features a political incident.
His Excellency Ambassador of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf, Nikita Chrusov, is entering the Marriott Hotel in San Diego, during O'Reilly ETech conference, to attend a corporate afterparty sponsored by Disney.com.

After four weeks of sea travel on a cargo ship and two weeks of journey in a Greyhound bus, the Ambassador is eagerly awaiting a meeting. He wants to confront Disney executives with a couple of questions, especially talking to them about their "sugar-coated bullets", that threaten the very existence of his country by brutal cultural force.

But then -- he is forcibly ejected from party, like cosmonaut from spaceship escape hatch. Commissar Chrusov calls this act "an unbelievable act of political shortsightness" and complains about mysterious green "poisoned pudding."


Soviet Unterzoegersdorf is now part of Metroblogging network 
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The Bureau of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf is happy to announce a new window to the world: Hypertext.

Soviet Unterzoegersdorf is now official part of the Metroblogging network. Secretary Moloshnikov will inform interested comrades all around the globe about the ongoings in the motherland.


Austin360 is Soviet-friendly 
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Austin360 recommends "Plutopia" featuring the Ambassador of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf.

monochrom @ SXSW: GUERRILLA.COM 
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Johannes Grenzfurthner (monochrom) will talk about guerrilla communication @ SXSW Interactive.
The term guerrilla communication refers to unconventional forms of communication and/or intervention in more conventional processes of communication. Communication guerilla is a specific style of political action drawing from a watchful view of the paradoxes and absurdities of power, turning these into the starting point for political interventions by playing with representations and identities, with alienation and over-identification. The talk's starting point will be a rather trivial insight: information and political education are completely useless if nobody wants to listen. Guerrilla communication doesn't focus on arguments and facts like most leaflets, brochures, slogans or banners. In its own way, it inhabits a militant political position, it is direct action in the space of social communication. But it doesn't aim to destroy the codes of power and signs of control. Communication guerrillas do not intend to occupy, interrupt or destroy the dominant channels of communication, they focus on detourning and subverting the messages transported. But what's new about all this? Nothing. But standing on the shoulders of earlier avantgardes, communication guerilla doesn't claim the invention of a new politics or the foundation of a new movement. It is merely continuing an incessant exploration of the jungle of communication processes, of the intertwined and muddled paths of senders, codes and recipients.
March 11, 2008.
SXSWi / Austin Convention Center
Room C
Tuesday, March 11th
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

It's a shameless self-plug, but it's got to happen from time to time. I've re-designed my photo-website a bit, and I want to tell the world. Hope you like it.

Commissar Chrusov will visit "8th Annual SXSW EFF-Austin Interactive Tech Gathering of the Tribes" 
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His Excellency the Ambassador of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf will visit "8th Annual SXSW EFF-Austin Interactive Tech Gathering of the Tribes".

Monday, March 10, 2008, Scholz Garten, Austin, TX.


"The Emergence Of Tomorrow: A Soviet Approach" / Vissago 
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Vissago provides us with his great photo documentation of "The Emergence Of Tomorrow: A Soviet Approach" (ETech 2008; March 5, 2008).


"Context Hacking" / talk summary 
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Urbeingrecorded provides us with a nice summary of monochrom's "Context Hacking" presentation at ETech Conference (March 5, 2008).

"The Emergence Of Tomorrow: A Soviet Approach" / Laughing Squid 
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Scott Beale blogs his excellent photo documentation of "The Emergence Of Tomorrow: A Soviet Approach" (ETech 2008; March 5, 2008).


Violet Blue: "The Disney, ETech and Monchrom scandal" 
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Violet Blue offers a great summary of a diplomatic incident.
[...] I went in with dear friend Scott Beale, and was delighted to see about an hour into the party the arrival of character "His Excellency Ambassador of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf Nikita Chrosov", dressed in a full Russian officer's uniform, accompanied by a live cameraman. He proceeded to liven up the party, meeting guests in character to a "t", endeavoring to meet and network with Disney executives, hoping to learn the strange customs of Disney and our country — he told me he wanted to meet a Disney rep and discuss what he called the effect of the "sugar coated bullet" of Disney on his people. [...]


"The Influencers": Blog feedback 
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Some blog feedback concerning our appearance at "The Influencers" festival in Barcelona.

- art 21 - freezenfreezen- rebelart - thevacuumcleaner - digicult - timeout - enmedio - revistamu - poptronics - ptqk - communicant - grrr

Critical diplomatic incident: Ambassdor of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf expelled from Disney.com party 
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--- Urgent message ---

March 4, 2008; 11 PM PST. San Diego, Marriott Hotel // His Excellency the Ambassador of Soviet Unterzoegesdorf, Nikita Chrusov, was expelled from a corporate afterparty organized by Disney.com. Commissar Chrusov calls this act "an unbelievable act of political shortsightness" and complains about "a poisoned pudding".

--- End ---
We will keep you updated.

Gary Gygax. RIP. 

Levidepoches on "The Influencers" 
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Levidepoches features a great French language summary of "The Influencers 2008"... including a couple of our statements.

Things I won't work with #72 
Chlorine Trifluoride
It is, of course, extremely toxic, but that's the least of the problem. It is hypergolic with every known fuel, and so rapidly hypergolic that no ignition delay has ever been measured. It is also hypergolic with such things as cloth, wood, and test engineers, not to mention asbestos, sand, and water-with which it reacts explosively. It can be kept in some of the ordinary structural metals because of the formation of a thin film of insoluble metal fluoride which protects the bulk of the metal. If, however, this coat is melted or scrubbed off, and has no chance to reform, the operator is confronted with the problem of coping with a metal-fluorine fire. For dealing with this situation, I have always recommended a good pair of running shoes.

monochrom @ The Influencers 2008, Barcelona 
Tonight -- Saturday, 8 PM -- Johannes will give a talk about guerrilla communication and will introduce a couple of our projects. Please join us at the CCCB.


A Tale Of Two Davids. . . 
...dynamically compiled by Soren Ragdale's meme-o-matical concoction that will eventually be distilled into its very essence, like precious bodily fluids; one enormous inside joke that only you and your friends know about (where "You and your friends" is a set of people who are completely sick of memes in general and this meme in particular).

Two Davids will surely lead to Armageddon. Choose your Side.

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monochrom is an art-technology-philosophy group having its seat in Vienna and Zeta Draconis. monochrom is an unpeculiar mixture of proto-aesthetic fringe work, pop attitude, subcultural science, context hacking and political activism. Our mission is conducted everywhere, but first and foremost in culture-archeological digs into the seats (and pockets) of ideology and entertainment. monochrom has existed in this (and almost every other) form since 1993.

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Soviet Unterzoegersdorf / Sector 2 / The Adventure Game

Climate Training Camp

Krach der Roboter: Hello World!

Slacking is killing the DIY industry (T-Shirt)

Carefully Selected Moments / CD, LP

Freedom is a whore of a word (T-Shirt)


International Year of Polytheism 2007

Santa Claus Vs. Christkindl: A Mobster Battle

Could It Be (Video clip)

Pot Tin God

Hacking the Spaces

Kiki and Bubu and The Shift / Short film

Kiki and Bubu and The Privilege / Short film

Kiki and Bubu and The Self / Short film

Kiki and Bubu and The Good Plan / Short film

Kiki and Bubu and The Feelings / Short film / Short film

Sculpture Mobs

Nazi Petting Zoo / Short film

The Great Firewall of China

KPMG / Short film

The BRAICIN / Short film

Soviet Unterzoegersdorf / Sector 1 / The Adventure Game

I was a copyright infringement in a previous life (T-Shirt)

Brave New Pong

Leben ist LARPen e.V.

One Minute / Short film

Firing Squad Euro2008 Intervention


A tribute to Honzo

Lessig ist lässig

I can count every star in the heavens above -- The image of computers in popular music

All Tomorrow's Condensations / Puppet show

Bye Bye / Short film


PC/DC patch

Proto-Melodic Comment Squad


The Redro Loitzl Story / Short film

Hax0rcise SCO

Law and Second Order (T-Shirt)

They really kicked you out of the Situationist International?

Death Special: Falco

Applicant Fisch / Short film

When I was asked to write about new economy

Taugshow #6

Taugshow #7

Taugshow #9

Taugshow #10

Taugshow #11

Taugshow #14

Taugshow #15

Campfire at Will

Arse Elektronika 2007, 2008, 2009 etc.

The Void's Foaming Ebb / Short film

Remoting Future

When you / Short film


Free Bariumnitrate

Toyps / Typing Errors

ARAD-II Miami Beach Crisis

The Charcoal Burner / Short film

Digital Culture In Brazil


Nation of Zombia

Lonely Planet Guide action

CSI Oven Cloth

Dept. of Applied Office Arts

Farewell to Overhead

Google Buttplug

Fieldrecording in Sankt Wechselberg / Short film

Dark Dune Spots

Campaign For The Abolition Of Personal Pronouns


Space Tourism

In the Head of the Gardener

Entertainment (Unterhaltung) / Short film

Cthulhu Goatse

Nicholas Negroponte Memorial Cable

Coke Light Art Edition 06

Experience the Experience! (West Coast USA/Canada Tour 2005)

April 23

Overhead Cumshot

Irark / Short film


Instant Blitz Copy Fight

A Patriotic Fireman

A Micro Graphic Novel Project

Noise and Talk

The Exhilarator


SUZOeG Training / Short film

The Flower Currency


A Holiday in Soviet Unterzoegersdorf

How does the Internet work?

Paraflows 2006 and up

Special Forces

Coca Cola

About Work

Turing Train Terminal

Me / Short Film

Massive Multiplayer Thumb-Wrestling Network


Some Code To Die For

The Year Wrap-up

Soviet Unterzoegersdorf Metroblogging

Project Mendel

Display, Retry, Fail

Manifesto of Ignorantism


Towers of Hanoi



Every Five Seconds an Inkjet Printer Dies Somewhere




We know apocalypses

452 x 157 cm² global durability

A Good Haul

Blattoptera / Art for Cockroaches

Minus 24x

Gladiator / Short Film


An attempt to emulate an attempt

Paschal Duct-Taping

Laptop Crochetication


Somewhere in the 1930s

Soul Sale

The Department for Criticism against Globalisation

Dot Smoke

Georg Paul Thomann

Nurgel Staring

War On

Let's network it out


Mackerel Fiddlers


Disney vs. Chrusov / Short film

Bulk Mail

Easter Celebrations

Mouse Over Matter

Condolence for a Crab

Force Sting

Turning Threshold Countries Into Plows


A Noise

A. C. A.

Hopping Overland

Achy Breaky Heart Campaign

Hermeneutic Imperative III

Holy Water / Franchise

Roböxotica // Festival for Cocktail-Robotics


Engine Hood Cookies


The Watch

Creative Industry 2003

This World

Cracked Foundation For The Fine Arts

Sometimes I feel

Fit with INRI

Growing Money

Catapulting Wireless Devices

Buried Alive

Illegal Space Race

Magnetism Party

Brick of Coke

1 Baud

Scrota Contra Vota

Direct Intervention Engine

Oh my God, they use a history which repeats itself! (T-Shirt)


Dorkbot Vienna