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Indiginous leaders brought to Quito to watch "Avatar" 
From the "it doesn't get more post-modern than this" files:

The Supercines Theater is on one of the busiest streets in Quito. On this afternoon it's filled with indigenous leaders bussed in from the Amazon. They're decked out in their plumes, feathered crowns and jewelry. Some of them look a little overwhelmed but that's not too surprising.
"It left a huge impression on us. For example, the movies are almost real. It's an example that makes us think a lot because the indigenous are defending their rights. We have to defend just as the indigenous so clearly defended in the movie. We had an uprising we had a confrontation with gases; it's the same as what we just saw in the movie."
Others say there was at least one thing in the movie that veered from their reality Achuar leader Luis Vargas says it's where the white guy sweeps in to the rescue. But he says that's to be expected. Vega says just like in Avatar, the Shuar are fighting to protect their land from mining companies. And they're not the only ones.
"This is a Hollywood movie, so it's practically a given that a mestizo comes to the defense and leads (the people) to triumph in the end."
Link (via theworld.org)

Roboexotica in New York Times: "Just Like Mombot Used to Make" 
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"A simple rule of robotic personality seems to be: don’t make things the most efficient way," said Magnus Wurzer, who has been running the Vienna-based Roboexotica, a festival where scientists have gone to build, showcase and discuss "cocktail robots" since 1999.

One entry, Beerbot, detects approaching people and asks for beer money. When it acquires enough, it "buys" itself a beer. Bystanders can watch it flow into a transparent bladder. As for other humanizing behaviors, "like a robot that doesn’t stop short at lighting a cigarette but actually goes ahead and smokes it?" Mr. Wurzer says, "We had that.

Roboexotica has inspired a stateside version as well, which just had its third annual celebration in San Francisco.

And in at least one case in Europe, a robot actually got behind a bar. From 1999 to 2002, a scarlet-eyed metal robot named Cynthia poured drinks at Cynthia's Bridge Bar and Lounge in London. But according to Mr. Wurzer, "she was too costly to maintain once the bar was sold by the robot's maker."

monochrom @ Pomona College 
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Where and when?
Pomona College (Pomona, California) at 10:30am on Thursday, February 25th.
We promise greatness.

Kokoromi: Call for One-Button Objects! 
Our friends at Kokoromi have an interesting call out. Just a couple of more days! Join!

What can you do with one button? In an age of ever-more-complex touch interfaces, we'd like to imagine what a single, tangible, hardware button can mean for a design.


This call seeks to inspire unique hardware/software hacks that integrate playful, one-button interaction within a standalone machine or device. The curators are seeking circuit-bent gadgets, retro-fitted consoles, mechanical constructions, custom electronics, and other one-off creations. During the week of the Game Developers Conference, the Game Objects will be featured in an exhibit at the Gray Area Foundation, a new collaboration and exhibition venue revitalizing the Tenderloin, near the Moscone Center. A selection of these Objects will be shown at the opening night Gamma party, alongside the software-based Gamma4 one-button games, on March 10th at the Mezzanine in SoMa.

monochrom @ Crashspace LA: Of drunken machines and horny relays 
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Sex machines! Cocktail robots! And more! Johannes will host a workshop/talk about how to build DIY hedonistic machines. Don't miss it!

At Crashspace LA, February 24, 2010; 8 PM.

Visual proof! monochrom #26-34 is here! 
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Today we received a pretty huge delivery. 3 point 2 metric tons.

But happiness predominates!


Barnold PS2 Cocktail Robot at BarBot 2010 
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Uh yeah! Plasmastaub 2.0 (aka Barnold PS2)!


Photos: BarBot 2010 in San Francisco 
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Here are a few photos Scott Beale shot last night at BarBot 2010, a Roboexotica Spin-Off Festival at DNA Lounge in San Francisco.


Bar Bot 2010 (inspired by Roboexotica) in San Francisco 
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Roboexotica spawns! Johannes will be co-hosting Bar Bot 2010 in San Francisco.

In a world where robots and humans struggle together in the fight against boredom...
Only one event ends up with the robots dancing "The Human" while the meat puppets (you) end up singing the praises of RoboBartenders.
This February, come hang out with some alternate life-forms at BarBot 2010.
Wed/Thur Feb 17-18, 2010 - 9pm-2am
21+ with photo ID $10 advance / $15 at door
DNA Lounge - 375 Eleventh St., San Francisco


21 hour workweek solution 
A report by the influential thinktank, the New Economic Foundation, says over-consumption, rising unemployment, increasing inequality and deteriorating work-life balance can be tackled by radically altering working life.

Reducing the working week could also defuse the pensions time bomb by ensuring employees are healthy enough to work later in life.
"Other than the benefit of having more time, what will happen is a reduction in inequality and the potential to be better-quality friends, partners and parents engaging more with communities."

Hoozah! Pre-order for monochrom #26-34: Ye Olde Self-Referentiality 
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Hard to believe, but monochrom #26-34 will be out March 2010!
500 pages, 55 ounces, for 18 euros / 24 us-dollars.

Release tour:
March 11, 2010 @ MUSA in Vienna (afterparty at Metalab)
April 3, 2010 @ Videotage in Hong Kong
April 27, 2010 @ The Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York City
(dates for LA, SFO, London, Munich, Berlin will be announced soon)


Screws and astronauts. Roundworms and Columbia. Cannibalism at sea. Conlanging 101. The basic mechanisms of New Economy and Neoliberalism. The sketchy world of Elffriede. The status of martial law. RFID. Henry the Halibut. Rieseberg and the emergence of work. Dracula (a poem). Historicity, temporality, and politics in the cinema aesthetics of Deleuze, Rancière and Kracauer. Or-Om's call to the children. The problem with social robots. An (anti)history of Rave. The life of a Swiss banker and fascist anti-imperialist. Considerations by Martin Auer. The Stepford wives and stereotypes of putative perfection. Noise and talk. A little potpourri about amok runners, mass homicide and 80s pop songs. Scratching means life. Mae Saslaw's 10005. Kiki and Bubu and Orwell's 1984. Cybernetics and whatever happened to it. The integrating of the Fringe. Witchcraft and lesbianism. The weirdness (and PR) of the wonders of Oz. Rachel Lovinger's personal journey towards datameaningfulness. Revolution, ads and revolt. A pilot study on the philosophy of life of schizophrenics. Pro Asylum. Bird Ball. Medicine in the Dark Ages (humor, leeches, charms and prayers). Reflections about Ivan Grubanov and Paul Chan. Communism, anti-German criticism and Israel. Surprise findings. Hot, hard cocks and tight, tight unlubricated assholes. Dubbing (Casablanca and forged movies). The treatment of media in H. P. Lovecraft's cosmic horror. The relationship of books and films explained via Capricorn One. Stories about our friends (e.g. whales). The history of Pinball machines. Italy and the incubation of fascism. Consider Phlebas and The Waste Land. The implicit ideology of media activism and its current opportunities. Urban Pilgrims touring Vienna. Ronald McDonald slapping a guy in the face. Text adventures. The Shining (Jack of all Trades, Master of None). Reappropriating architecture and playing with the built city. Recoding LOLcats. Sitcom as Endgame, Tatort out of the Volksempfänger (an attempt to understand the culture industry). Gender, race and film comedy. Neon Bible and its hidden agenda. The SNAFU principle and how hierarchies inhibit communication. The power of disposition over (global) space as a new dimension of class structuration. Lustgas. Stammlager 217 and Israel's popular culture of the 1960s. Supertheory(TM). Adopt a highway. X-Wing penetration, dominatrix fathers and phallic light sabers. Europanto. The Unicorn and the Maiden. Leben macht Spass. How to build a magnificent Boom-Boom. Lots of reviews of deities, personalities, questions, states of mind, culture (as opposed to nature), nature (which cannot be divided from culture), words, social practise, future(s), technological artefacts, experiences, things on a keyboard, and matter. The short story of Pocahontas and Avatar. Walled World. Hacking the Spaces. Sally Grizzell Larson's No. 29. The tyranny of structurelessness. Jack Kirby's top 20 creations. The need of Change (keep your coins). Fehler and Fairchild Semiconductor. Richka's Answering Space and the question about Home. Worm. Future 42.0. Doctorow's row-boat. Bare life innovation. A mnemonic of longing. Etiology of Romero-Fulci Disease (and the case for prions). Campaign for the abolition of personal pronouns. Yahooking. A social-centric, canine-inspired perspective on the placebo effect. Helpless machines and true loving caregivers. Information doesn't work (that's why we need information workers). The myth of Xanadu (reconsidered). John Wilcock and the Manhattan Memories. The Cult of Done. Looking at Gene Wilder. Sweet Home Alabama (and why diamonds are a girls worst nightmare). Pretesting the idea of apparative hermeneutics. Ignorantism. Artistic fears in the age of religious fundamentalism. Smoking against America. The Things of Eternity. After warfare in Yugoslavia (or: moral order of recognition). Existential game-show experiments. The epic of Gilgamesh. Mozart as public relations hype. Las Vegas and its casino traditions. Sikhs. Pornographic coding. Invader and public tiles. Splasher, street art and the Situationist International. MakerBot. Long live the porn flesh. The three rules of sidewalk junk giveaways. Melcus and his maps. Mister plomlompom's embracing of post-privacy. Catty (the baseball player). John Duncan (in: Blind Date). Michayluk's crush of worship of the copy. The Telecommunications History Group. monochrom's initiative for the accomplishment of Total Population. The medieval agricultural year. Office Art. A cartoon that makes neoliberals laugh. A rough guide to number stations. The digital age and ubermorgen.com. Mobile phones and "for whom the SAR tolls". A call for more science... and giant dinosaurs who bite each others head off.

Pre-order? Certainly... please send a mail to mono AT monochrom.at


Arse Elektronika: Review of "Do Androids Sleep with Electric Sheep?" on The SF Site 
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Very detailed review of our Arse Elektronika anthology "Do Androids Sleep with Electric Sheep?" featured on "The SF Site":
Like good science fiction, the material collected in Do Androids Sleep With Electric Sheep? leaves us with more questions than we arrived with; if you can stomach the subject matter (which shouldn't really appall anyone but the most prudish and conservative, to be honest, though my perceptions may be somewhat skewed), this is prime fuel for your imaginatory engines. The focal character of James Tiptree, Jr.'s story "And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side" suggests that, as humans, "we're built to dream outwards" [pp 239], to project our desire onto "the other", whoever or whatever it may happen to be. It's an insight that makes more sense each time you read it, and serves to underline the basic commonality between sex and science fiction, or indeed art in general -- they are both ways in which we try to subsume ourselves into (or control and dominate over) that which we are not.
Love makes us do strange things, after all.

US of A: The Decline 
An animated map of Recession in the United States. I think less employment would be good for everyone if only they'd still let us live in our houses.

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