Questions to Radio Free Soviet Unterzögersdorf
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Is there a menu to control the game?

Look, comrade. I have to answer with yes. Move the mouse to the top and see the future of game menus. And keep in mind that you can't change the volume. Or the brightness. Or the mouse cursor colour - at least it is red.

The main menu is in german, the game as well! And I don't understand a word! Can it be switched to English?

Look, comrade. Yes, you can (and don't misinterpret this as a stupid liberal "hope" metaphor). You simply selected the wrong language in the start menu. Cry in shame! It is British English, by the way, not American idiom. A matter of style!

Chrusov sometimes speaks English, although I selected German; e.g. "The future will be rad or it will be bullshit." Did I find a bug?

Look, comrade. Commissar Chrusov is our ambassador. He learned the ugly lingua franca of late capitalism by transcribing Western radio stations. And sometimes he uses it.

Is there an "Undo" button somewhere? I accidentally clicked an action and want to take it back.

Look, comrade. As Lenin says: "History can never be made undone". And he also said: "Who - whom?" Stick to that. And start from scratch.

Is there a way to get back the original background music?

Look, comrade. As long as you stick to the tracks featured by Radio Free Soviet Unterzoegersdorf, you will be fine. But don't ask about the original background music. Not asking about it is a true party principle.

Is there a way to turn of the sound?

Look, comrade. If you don't like our precious sound, plug in your headphones and don't wear them.

Where are the saved games?

Look, comrade. The Soviet Unterzoegersdorf: Sector II game is Microsoft Vista Game Explorer compatible, and it saves games in "My Documents | My Saved Games | Soviet Unterzoegersdorf II". It uses a 7-character-extension (which causes no harm to Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP) to you will be able to start a saved game by double-clicking on the saved game file. The installer tries to register the extension.

Alt-F4 quits the game without further notice. Is this the missing boss key?

Look, comrade. Our system operator once got an old copy of an old manual published in Redmond, WA about the usage of Alt-F4. He implemented it.

Torn-off body parts are seen badly in the ongoing discussion about "killer games", especially in Germany. As Chrusov can be killed quite sanguinary, do you think the game could be labeled as appropriate for children, especially in Germany?

Look, comrade. Communism is no child's play, although children are the future! And concerning Germans: they may have great cars and great banks. But after all, what they have the most is guilt.

The game is too hard! I need help!

Look, comrade. Many Westerners complained about the easy riddles in Soviet Unterzoegersdorf: Sector I. They shall eat their Calvin Klein shorts!

The main character is so slow!

Look, comrade. First of all, the main character has a name: His Excellency The Ambassador Of The Confederation Soviet Unterzoegersdorf, Nikita Perostek Chrusov. You can pump (R)-(-)-L-Epinephrine into his system by pressing the "Q" button. "Q" equals quickness. But be aware. A human being is a fragile thing and should not be drugged with hormones all the time.

The OSX and/or Linux port won't work! You are stupid!

Look, comrade. Don't insult us. We don't like insults. We will send a group of angry people to the rude people. If the wonderful OSX ports (generously provided by the Heroes of Wrapperizing -- Codeweavers) won't work on your machine, don't blame us or the Heroes of Wrapperizing -- Codeweavers.
Linux: Check the system requirements. Please check if you are using Version 1.1. If you are using Version 1.0 you have to follow orders and stop whining.
Apple OSX: Intel-based systems only, traitor! If there is a problem running the game under Version 1.0, please try it multiple times. A comrade reports: "It finally worked for me on the third attempt." That's a good Soviet approach! If you are using Version 1.1 or 1.2 you should be ready for radicality! If there are still problems, please switch to 1024x768.
Or get some emulator. You are strong. You take care about it yourself.

What is Dialectics?

Look, comrade. "The great basic thought," Engels writes, "that the world is not to be comprehended as a complex of ready-made things, but as a complex of processes, in which the things apparently stable no less than their mind images in our heads, the concepts, go through an uninterrupted change of coming into being and passing away... this great fundamental thought has, especially since the time of Hegel, so thoroughly permeated ordinary consciousness that in this generality it is now scarcely ever contradicted. But to acknowledge this fundamental thought in words and to apply it in reality in detail to each domain of investigation are two different things.... For dialectical philosophy nothing is final, absolute, sacred. It reveals the transitory character of everything and in everything; nothing can endure before it except the uninterrupted process of becoming and of passing away, of endless ascendancy from the lower to the higher. And dialectical philosophy itself is nothing more than the mere reflection of this process in the thinking brain." Thus, according to Marx, dialectics is "the science of the general laws of motion, both of the external world and of human though." This revolutionary aspect of Hegel's philosophy was adopted and developed by Marx. Dialectical materialism "does not need any philosophy standing above the other sciences." From previous philosophy there remains "the science of thought and its laws -- formal logic and dialectics." Dialectics, as understood by Marx, and also in conformity with Hegel, includes what is now called the theory of knowledge, or epistemology, studying and generalizing the original and development of knowledge, the transition from non-knowledge to knowledge.

Known bug in Version 1.0 (Win, Apple OSX, Linux)

Question: Look, comrade. If you quit the game in the English version "by emigration like an escape" the main menu will be displayed in German language. How awful! If you start a new game ("Neues Spiel"), the dialogues will be English -- but some poetry and songs will be in German! The horror!
Answer 1: Look, comrade. To avoid this problem simply select "Spiel laden" (load game) from the German main menu, select the saved game "Game Start Autosave" and press "Laden" (load). The game will be entirely displayed in English now.
Answer 2: Download Version 1.1!
Answer 3: Download Version 1.2! It also solves problems that you are not aware of yet.

Known bug in Version 1.0 and 1.1 (Win, Apple OSX, Linux):

Question: Comrade, you are in Oberzoegersdorf and got a question that should be answered with "Euro"? But you cannot?
Answer: Version 1.2 will solve the dilemma. If you are lucky you can still use all your old saved games.