55th Party Convention of the CPSUZöD


(Although these words have been translated from Russian to German and from German to English, the music of Elvis "In the Ghetto" Presley is timelessly universal.)

It is cold here ...
It is cold here in the USSR
The enemies are waiting not to far ...
Not far from the Kolkhoz. 

We are shivering
‘Cause the Austrians play stupid diplomatic tricks
And call us "dirty Bolsheviks".
Here in the Kolkhoz

People, you don't understand us!
And spit in our face, thus!
We are only a pittoresque workers’ and peasants’ state

Look at our hands, friends!
We are friendly all the time!
Just looking away doesn't help humankind,
So reach out to us and open up your mind

And look up to the skies
Tinged red with glory’s shine
Above our beautiful collective assembly line
Here in the Kolkhoz

There's no hunger here ...
‘Cause we are working
From all dawns till all dusks,
Toiling to escape
Evil capitalism’s tusks.

We are the small state
Of Soviet Unterzögersdorf.
The seed of revolution
is growing in the grounds of our union.
Here in the Kolkhoz

You don't need no stupid CARE package,
If you have some fuel and yer own wagon,
In the Kolkhoz

We are all fans of Kropotkin,
of Breshnev, Andropov and Bakunin,
In Kolkhoz.


Here you can listen to the following (relatively hissy) live-recording, captured by a journalist’s microphone directly from the loudspeakers.

SUZöD MP3 (german)

In Kolkhoz MP3 (german)