the poor leut eat


they penetrated to the principal item the jazz enclave bruno kuehnl:
the project "leut eat the poor" (speak "oame lead essn").
"oame lead essn" is one bound however somehow totally openly.

clicken they here, in order to look the "makrelengeiger communist manifesto".
it is like a Bible for us.

they are requested to go through, or on eternal in trostlosigkeit unbekanntheit to around-change.

with us they become (or I may say you?) to the star
(see in addition the "makrelengeiger communist manifesto" likewise <- they clicken also here).

write they to me brieferl in that it me indicate, what they can contribute.

"oame lead essn" ...
we are not sparkling wines - we are a movement.

importantly! importantly! importantly! here some sounding sketches.