My name is Johannes Grenzfurthner.

I have seen and done many incredible and implausible things. For 25 years I've been the frontman and artistic director of art/tech/theory group monochrom and you wouldn't believe what I have done, experienced, suffered through, cried about, made happen. It's probably enough to fill a novel, but I decided not to write a novel. I decided to go into personal and professional coaching. I can help people. You need advice, perspective, creative input, a clever guy to help you with brainstorming?
Here I am. Call me. (Not necessarily in a Blondie kind of way, but still.)

Info: Biography / Wikipedia
Contact: Email / FB / Twitter / Phone Europe: +43 676 7831453 / Phone US: +1 415 373 7857
(Offering 1-to-1 sessions or groups.)

"Johannes is a brilliant lunatic of surpassing and delightful weirdness."
(Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing)