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"It's a bug hunt!!" featured in 'The Art of Future Warefare'

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Indeed! 'The Art of Future Warefare' featured our little mash-up!

Artists Johannes Grenzfurthner and James Brothwell from monochrom have taken the iconic M41A rifle from the 1986 film Aliens and placed it in the hands of a Muppet — Kermit The Frog. The incongruous 1950s style pop art drawing is titled It's A Bug Huntfitting given a frog's natural appetite and Kermit's origins in that post-war decade. Those who have seen the film will recall the memorable line uttered by the film’s laconic Corporal Hicks, a United States Colonial Marine who sees through his commanding officer’s spin on their orders to investigate some kind of alien life form, a xenomorph. In the end, the 22nd Century’s most advanced weapons and fiercest fighters are no match for what they find.


Traceroute: We finished our documentary roadtrip

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Eddie Codel, Jenny Marx and Johannes Grenzfurthner finished their 7000 miles roadtrip for the upcoming documentary "Traceroute" --. and what a journey it was! We will keep you updated!

"Traceroute: A Personal Journey Full Of Dangers, Creatures And More Or Less Precarious Working Conditions"

Link (Page)
Link (Facebook)
Link (IMDb)

Interview with Johannes Grenzfurthner in Makeplus (Chinese)

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Pretty detailed interview with Johannes Grenzfurthner in Makeplus (Chinese).


"Die Gstettensaga": We got a honorable mention at 'The DIY Film Festival 2015' in Los Angeles

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"Die Gstettensaga: The Rise of Echsenfriedl" "Gstettensaga" got a "honorable mention" at the DIY Film Fest in Los Angeles.
The award ceremony was held in LA, March 6, 2015.


Arse Elektronika: Sex, Tech and the Future of Screw-It-Yourself @ CMU Pittsburgh

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A little lecture performance by Johannes Grenzfurthner / monochrom, as part of Paolo Pedercini's class at CMU.
We may not forget that mankind is a sexual and tool-using species.
From the depiction of a vulva in a cave painting to the newest internet porno, technology and sexuality have always been closely linked. New technologies are quick to appeal to pornography consumers, and thus these customers represent a profitable market segment for the suppliers of new products and services.
Currently, all factors show that high-tech developments owe a great deal of their success to the need for further sexual stimulation. One could cite the example provided by the science-fiction concept of a full-body interface designed to produce sexual stimulation. But it isn't science fiction anymore. It's DIY.
As bio-hacking, sexually enhanced bodies, genetic utopias and plethora of gender have long been the focus of literature, science fiction and, increasingly, pornography, this year will see us explore the possibilities that fictional and authentic bodies have to offer. Our world is already way more bizarre than our ancestors could have ever imagined. But it may not be bizarre enough. "Bizarre enough for what?" -- you might ask. Bizarre enough to subvert the heterosexist matrix that is underlying our world and that we should hack and overcome for some quite pressing reasons within the next century. Don't you think, replicants?
February 24, 2015, 6:30 PM on CMU main campus in Pittsburgh/USA, College of Fine Arts building, 3rd floor, room 307.

"Die Gstettensaga": Finalist at 'The DIY Film Festival 2015' in Los Angeles

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"Die Gstettensaga: The Rise of Echsenfriedl" is a finalist at the 'DIY Film Festival' in Los Angeles. We are nominated for "Best Film".
The award ceremony will be held in LA, March 6, 2015.


TimeOut Israel interviews Johannes Grenzfurthner about sex, tech and Arse Elektronika

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"It's a bug hunt!!": monochrom's Johannes Grenzfurthner and James Brothwell present Kermit and his beloved M41A

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This is Kermit. This is his M41A. There are many air cooled, electronic pulse action, selective-fire automatic rifles like it, but this one is his. His M41A is his best friend. It is his life. He must master it as he must master his life — just not under the primary rainbow connectors.

Hi-resolution reproduction of original drawing from 2015.

Created by Johannes Grenzfurthner (of monochrom) and James Brothwell (of Impeccable Flith)

Link to products (posters, mugs, shirts, pillows, duvets, all you can wish for!)

"Venus of Strapondorf": monochrom's Johannes Grenzfurthner and Jenny Marx team up to empower our all-time favorite paleolithic goddess

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Venus of Willendorf — our all-time favorite paleolithic goddess — is turning the fertility game on its lubed head. This is gonna be fun!

Hi-resolution reproduction of original drawing from 2015.

Created by Johannes Grenzfurthner (of monochrom) and Jenny Marx

Link to products (posters, mugs, shirts, pillows, whatever)

"Die Gstettensaga" nominated for several awards at 'International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema 2015'

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Great news!

The jury at the 7th International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema (London, UK, February 2015) nominated "Gstettensaga" for several awards!

- Best Foreign Language Feature Film
Günther Friesinger, Johannes Grenzfurthner

- Best Soundtrack
Daniel Hasibar

- Best Director of a Foreign Language Film
Johannes Grenzfurthner


RE/Search announces a monochrom ValuPak!

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Oh yes!
We are also offering a ValuPak of (4) books by the techno-futuristic Austrian collective monochrom - write us at info@researchpubs.com & in the subject line write "monochrom ValuPak" and we will send you your own secret coded discount offer, just for YOU! (Well, It will be $50 plusshipping which is $10 US. Sorry, add $50 for /foreign/ shipping)

Arse Elektronika: MP3 archive (2007-2014) online

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Hey brainpervs!

We took some time and edited and uploaded all the available recordings of Arse Elektronika talks and presentions.
They can be found on the "Schedule" pages (on the front page for 2014, and in the archive section for all AEs 2007-2013). Just click on MP3!



"Hackeando los espacios": Spanish translation of "Hacking the spaces" is out

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Johannes Grenzfurthner y Frank Apunkt Schneide son miembros de monochrom, un grupo de arte, tecnología y filosofía con base en Viena y en Zeta Draconis. El artículo original puede encontrarse en http://www.monochrom.at/hacking-the-spaces.

Fue traducido por Barbanegra en hackerspaces.org, de donde derivó esta versión traducida por Mauricio Pasquier Juan (mauricio@pasquierjuan.com.ar).

Una proclama crítica, de lo que fue, es y será un hackerspace (o hacklab, para el caso)

"Die Gstettensaga": International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema 2015 Official Selection

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"Die Gstettensaga: The Rise of Echsenfriedl" has been selected to screen at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema 2015.
The festival will be held in London, UK, February 25-28, 2015.


It's time for Roboexotica 2014

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Roboexotica is the annual festival where scientists, researchers, computer experts and artists from all over the world build cocktail robots and discuss technological innovation, futurology and science fiction.Until recently, no attempts had been made to publicly discuss the role of cocktail robotics as an index for the integration of technological innovations into the human Lebenswelt, or to document the increasing occurrence of radical hedonism in man-machine communication. Roboexotica is an attempt to fill this vacuum. It is the first and, inevitably, the leading festival concerned with cocktail robotics world-wide. A micro mechanical change of paradigm in the age of borderless capital. Alan Turing would doubtless test this out. Cheers!

Roboexotica is a coproduction of monochrom, Shifz and the Bureau for Philosophy.

December 4-7, 2014 in Vienna, Austria.

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