“Fifth Tableau: How Jörg Schlick gave up the ghost and thus passed the Lord Jim Lodge on to monochrom; feat. misadventures, problems and half an idea”

It was not until Jörg Schlick was facing death of cancer that a suitable form of cooperation began to crystallize. Over a bowl of goose soup, there were deliberations regarding whether monochrom should carry on the Lord Jim Lodge, doing so in the form of a hostile takeover perpetrated by a “highly organized and ambitious young neoliberal artist group named monochrom, which achieved notoriety first and foremost through productions of stage musicals” (concept paper from October 2005). Subsequently Schlick handed over the “Sun Breasts Hammer” stamp to monochrom, allegedly for the “symbolic sum of 2,500 euros”, which is not actually correct but somehow is okay anyway. Schlick requested that actions be taken that would yield a good scandal. monochrom should – in his own words – “let it rock.” Unfortunately he would no longer live to see it, although he had so much looked forward to what was to come. Sooner than had been prognosticated, he died on 29 December 2005: The Lord is fond of taking that which is His in the quiet of sleep. In this way his passing request became amortized as his last wish. However, this was a last wish that would be difficult to fulfill considering the state of the art business, in which all forms of provocation have long since been fastidiously cataloged. And the revolution will not be copy-pasted anyway. Good advice is almost as expensive as an inconsequential little Kippenberger.
It would be best to grab the bull by the horns. Thus monochrom haphazardly gave it a try, assuming ownership of all trademark and exploitation rights for all intellectual property belonging to the Lodge, including usage rights for the name and publication rights for the magazine. That just might do it: creative copyrighting as usual. For nothing is righter than copyright. The Graz scene, which could not avoid getting wind of the development, shook its smug Janus-faced head. It was one of “those” head shakings, you know. But maybe someday they will sit up and stare – we’ll see.